5 Male K-pop Stars Who Were Shy as Trainees

It is a common misconception that people with timid personalities are unable to succeed in positions of public prominence. This isn’t always true, especially when you think about how many idols have shown they can fix their flaws by working hard.

A significant number of idols have spoken publicly about their introverted natures throughout their time as trainees. Over time, people improved their self-confidence even if they did not undergo a total transformation. Are you curious about their identities? Let’s have a peek!

1. Soobin TXT

Because Soobin has such an introverted disposition, he frequently had feelings of shyness while he was a trainee and had to initiate interactions with others. Despite this, he was still able to perform well in his role as leader of TXT. He felt the weight of the responsibility, but ultimately, he was grateful for the situation he was in.

In an interview that took place in 2021 with Weverse Magazine, Soobin stated that his position as leader brought him and the other members of the team closer together. She made an effort to rise above her timidity in order to get to know them better. She also thought that after taking on the responsibilities of the job, her personality had changed in a big way for the better.

2. Jungkook BTS 

In the year 2020, Jungkook discussed his past in an article that appeared in FC magazine. At the time, he had not yet made his debut. At first, he had the impression that he was not the bashful type of person. Even before his debut, he showed a lot of bravery and a positive attitude.

The audition of Jungkook caused a shift in that person’s personality. He experienced feelings of intimidation at the time due to the large number of people around him, and as a result, he finally evolved into a guy who was reserved and distant when he began his trainee period in Seoul. On the other hand, he improved after making friends with V because their personalities are very similar.

According to Koreaboo’s report, the founder of the HYBE Labels agency also claimed that Jungkook was so timid that he almost didn’t make it as a member of Big Bang. Because he was unable to sing during the evaluation, the official from the agency came away with a poor impression of him. He has now attained the status of an idol and approaches every performance with confidence.

3. JR ex NU’EST

During an appearance on Weekly Idol in the year 2017, JR revealed his status as the first male trainee to join Pledis Entertainment as Pledis Entertainment. Because he was the sole guy at the time, he frequently spent time by himself. Because of this, he developed a close relationship with Raina, who was his senior.

Because of his excessive consumption of ramen, Raina was thoughtful toward him and frequently provided him with oxtail soup as a remedy. Raina, who was familiar with him, provided a reaction by stating that JR genuinely possessed an introverted demeanour, which was the primary reason he chose to focus on his junior hero.

4. Jay B GOT7 

In the episode of the Mindset Collection podcast titled “The Weight of Leading GOT7 in 2022,” Jay B mentioned that he used to turn down the opportunity to serve in a leadership role. Because he has trouble expressing himself verbally, people have the impression that he has a chilly demeanour. This is the reason behind this.

Before making his debut, Jay B was surprised to find that he was so reserved and silent. During that time, he even had second thoughts about pursuing his ambition to become a famous idol. However, he believes that the nature of his personality has shifted as a result of the work he does as a public figure.

5. Daesung BIGBANG 

The dance routine that BIGBANG performed before his debut was shown on the Good Morning programme in 2012, which was hosted by Bae Ki Wan, Choi Young Ah, and Jo Hyung Ki. The broadcast displayed Daesung, who was only a high school student at the time, singing in a timid manner. Throughout the entirety of his act, he maintained a fixation on the ground below him. His singing teacher told him to always look at the audience when he was singing.

A different programme from 2009 called The Secret Star BIGBANG featured an instance in which Daesung struggled to make eye contact with other people as a result of his nature. Because of this, his parents forbade him from pursuing a career in the music industry. Even so, he has since become a confident and funny idol on a number of different variety shows.

During the evaluation process, the idols described above endeavoured to grow more self-assured by engaging in a variety of activities and making a number of different appearances. After stepping outside of their comfort zone, they were eventually able to make their debut as successful idols.

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