10 KPop stars who don’t like their own songs

Many K-pop songs have been able to cross over and become successful in other music genres. This achievement is, of course, inseparable from the hard work of Kpop superstars, who bring the characters of Kpop songs to life and are liked by a large number of listeners. On the other hand, the reality that idols don’t always enjoy their own music may come as a surprise to some. It might be hard to believe, but a lot of idols have spoken out about this.

Songs that are not cohesive with the group’s theme and that are overly saccharine are frequently the cause of the following idols. The following is a list of ten K-pop idols that have admitted that they do not enjoy listening to their own music.

1. Because the members of BLACKPINK do not like the idea of having a boy crush on another girl, the song “As if It’s Your Last” is not on their list of favourite songs.

2. The lead dancer of SNSD, Hyeyeon, says that she despises the song “Kissing You” because she believes it is inappropriately adorable.

3. Yugyeom doesn’t like any of the songs on GOT7’s album ‘Call My Name,’ so that’s not just one of them.

4. Lee Hong Ki FT-Island was not a fan of the singer’s song “I Wish.” Some listeners were under the impression that the song did not belong in the rock genre.

5. Red Velvet’s Irene was not a fan of the song “Rookie,” as she believed that it was inappropriate for teenagers.

6. Given that VIXX is known for their gloomy ideas, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the upbeat song ‘Super Hero’ is not on their list of favourite songs.

7. Sera 9MUSES said that the song “No Playboy” was not to her liking because the music video and the overall premise of the song were too sexual.

8. The members of Taeyon SNSD were rumoured to disapprove of the songs “Gee,” “Lion Heart,” and “Oh!” due to the fact that they contained aegyo lyrics and themes.

9. Key included the song ‘Hello’ on his list of music that he doesn’t like since he feels that it doesn’t reflect who he is.

10. Nayeon is not a fan of the song “I’m Gonna be a Star,” as she finds the repetitive pronounciation of the song’s title throughout the lyrics to be extremely dull.

This is a list of popular K-pop songs that the performers of those songs personally dislike for a variety of different reasons. Are you in agreement with the viewpoints expressed by the Kpop idols shown above?

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