5 KPop Idols Broke Agency Rules

K-pop stars who violate agency regulations, whether they are still in the training phase or after they have debuted, are subject to receiving reprimands or other forms of discipline from the staff as a kind of consequence for their behaviour. While they are still residing in the dormitory, they are under constant supervision as well. Despite this, there are still some people who have the courage to disobey the rule because they believe it to be overly restrictive.

In point of fact, it is easy to comprehend the reaction of fans when K-pop idols violate the rules. This is mainly due to the fact that agencies typically want their artists to die in order to prevent them from travelling without permission. Come on, let’s find out the specifics of the situation!


In an interview with High Cut in 2017, Eunwoo described the experience he and the other members of his group had when they disobeyed the agency’s guidelines. While the participants were still in the training phase, they all had to diet and didn’t have their own cell phones.

There were several items on the menu that they were not permitted to consume at any time. However, in order to satisfy their cravings for chicken and pizza, they disobeyed the instructions and broke the rule. They consumed them in the park in complete secrecy. The manager, sadly, witnessed this behaviour and caught it on camera. As a result, they had to act quickly to conceal the remaining food in the park.

2. RM and V BTS 

In the August 2022 episode of the Run BTS! show, RM reminisced about the moment when he and V disobeyed the dietary regulations established by the organisation. When the two were still in the training programme, staff members came close to discovering them eating ice cream behind their backs. When the employees came closer, they quickly hid the ice cream cones in their pockets in order to avoid detection.

When RM and V were asked where they wanted to go, RM responded that he and V had already decided that they wanted to go back to the dormitories. In addition, during the episode of You Quiz on the Block that aired in 2021, the two confessed that they had the same idea in regards to how to conceal it. In point of fact, they did not prepare for it in advance.

3. Mark NCT

Mark disclosed in May 2022 on the MBC FM4U Noon Song of Hope show that trainees at his organisation were not permitted to go to department stores without permission. The rapper admitted that he is very good at not breaking the rules, but the one time he did, he was discovered.

During that time, he went out to have ice cream on his own without anyone from the staff accompanying him. Haechan happened to cross paths with Mark as he was leaving the convenience shop with the rest of the workers. Since Haechan had recently completed his training, he requested that the staff accompany him on his excursion. Mark received a reprimand from the staff members who happened to notice him breaking the rule. Jeno made a joking comment that everything that took place was due to Haechan.

4. Dawn

In 2018, HyunA and Dawn were kicked out of Cube Entertainment for lying to the public about their relationship status and claiming to have been together for two years. In point of fact, the agency had previously refuted reports that the two were dating. The agency deems these actions to be in violation of the rules that have been set.

The news of the dating was initially rather disappointing because of the harsh criticism they received and the numerous commitments that had to be postponed as a result. The public is only just beginning to come around to Dawn and HyunA’s relationship, but things are looking well for them. In addition to that, they made a deal with the newly formed agency P Nation.

5. Yeonjun and Soobin TXT

Yeonjun revealed this information during a live broadcast on V Live in the year 2020. She stated that while they were trainees, they were not allowed to consume jokbal, or pig’s feet, which were brought by Soobin. Even at that time, people were urged to engage in more physical activity. In addition, they were not allowed to carry any food into the premises with them.

On the other hand, the building housing the agency was silent at that time. There were no guests there, just members of TXT. As a consequence of this, they tried it covertly in a hallway that was not monitored by surveillance cameras. Additionally, Yeonjun and Soobin both stated that they frequently sleep in the corridor despite the fact that the agency does not allow employees to do so.

The rule-breaking behaviour of the K-pop idols described above is seen as being exceptionally humanitarian. After learning that the rules imposed by the agency are so limiting in freedom, the fans are able to see their motives for acting in such a manner.

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