7 Male KPop Idols Engaged in Controversy with their EX

K-pop idols are frequently thrust into the public eye when they are embroiled in scandals involving their exes’ partners, which can range from allegations of sexual harassment to drug addiction. They will come under fire even before the truth is made public, and it is possible that they could be forced to take a break or see a decline in their fan base as a direct result of the damage done to their reputation.

When something like this takes place, the situation will often be investigated by legal authorities. There are also people who are required to publicly apologise or acknowledge that they have made mistakes. I’m intrigued to learn who the idols in question are. Come on, take a look at the specifics!

1. Lucas NCT 

In the year 2021, allegations were made that Lucas had used gaslighting, cheated on his ex-girlfriend, and taken advantage of her financial situation. This was started by Chinese and Korean internet users who, on their respective social media platforms, claimed to be victims of the attack. In reaction, SM Entertainment made the announcement that the artist would be taking a break, and they also postponed the release of their single “Jalapeno.”

According to SM Entertainment, Lucas was engaging in some self-reflection about his previous inappropriate behaviour. The hero also issued an apology on his own Instagram account after coming to the realisation that his actions were inappropriate and had caused pain to his followers.

2. Choi Go ex ZEST 

In 2015, Choi Go was arrested in connection with an investigation into an alleged rape committed against his ex-girlfriend. The case has been rejected on multiple occasions by the agency, while his group, ZEST, was forced to take a break owing to the criticism that it received.

In the end, the court decided that the idol did not commit the crime. The purported victim, who was found guilty of lying, received a sentence of six months in prison followed by two years of probation.

According to the findings of the court, Choi Go and his ex-girlfriend did not engage in any form of forced sexual activity during their time together. Following the conclusion of this investigation, he made the decision to leave the group. He also said that he tried to prove his innocence because his parents didn’t want him to be seen as a rapist and were worried about how that would affect their reputation.

3. Jung Joon Young 

In 2016, it was alleged that Jung Joon Young secretly recorded a sexual encounter he had with an ex-girlfriend without first obtaining her consent. On the other hand, C9 Entertainment claimed that the purported victim had consented to the recording and that the putative victim had brought the matter to court owing to a misunderstanding. Following an inquiry that established Jung Joon Young’s innocence, the charges against him were dropped.

A report that had been filed against Jung Joon Young by the claimed victim at the time was later withdrawn by her. On the other hand, in 2019, SBS claimed that there was a potential that the investigating police officer had been bribed. SBS found out that the investigating police agency had asked the digital forensics team to get rid of evidence that was on Jung Joon Young’s phone.

Therefore, it is not impossible for Jung Joon Young’s ex-girlfriend to be the target of the illegal recording case that is currently being investigated. Also, no one knew about this until Jung Joon Young was caught taking part in chat groups where they talked about prostitution, shared videos from hidden cameras, and offered to pay off police officers.

4. Jang Moon Bok 

A former girlfriend of Jang Moon Bok submitted a message that quickly became widely shared throughout the online community. During their time together, she experienced feelings of being mistreated by the idol. Her confession indicates that he frequently compelled her to have sexual activity even when she was exhausted and did not want to do so. Jang Moon Bok also made several requests for monetary assistance from her.

As a response, ONO Entertainment stated unequivocally that the woman in question was the artist’s previous girlfriend. However, because it is a personal relationship between the artist and another person, they were unable to discuss the specifics. It is said that their relationship lasted for approximately four months.

Shortly after that, Jang Moon Bok addressed the uproar around this topic by posting a statement on her social media platforms. She mentioned that she and her former partner argued quite frequently. In doing so, he frequently injured himself. She thought that her ex-partner had broken her privacy by telling her things about how close they had been.

5. D.Ark 

In 2018, D.Ark faced allegations that he coerced his ex-girlfriend into having sexual relations with him. It was the ex-girlfriend who broke the news on her own personal Instagram account. She also suggested that D. Ark had broken up with others while he was involved with them.

However, once the statement went viral, the ex-partner issued an apology for having said it. He stated that he had found a solution to the problem with D.Ark. After his posts on Instagram caused a stir, the rapper also sent an apology to the general public.

6. Kim Hyun Joong eks SS501 

The former girlfriend of Kim Hyun Joong lodged a criminal complaint in the year 2014. She stated that the actor and idol were responsible for her rib injury. In this particular instance, Kim Hyun Joong was found guilty of assault and sentenced to pay a fine.

In the years that followed, Kim Hyun Joong was accused of not only coercing his ex-girlfriend into getting an abortion but also of abusing her in order to cause a spontaneous abortion. After arguing with his ex-girlfriend for 5 years, Kim Hyun Joong was finally found not guilty. The reason for this was that there was no proof to back up his ex’s story.


Han Seo Hee, a trainee at a well-known agency, was the subject of an official investigation into possible drug misuse by the authorities in March of 2017. During the course of their investigation into the woman, the police uncovered evidence that T.O.P. BIGBANG shared her use of marijuana.

After further investigation, it was found out that T.O.P was dating Han Seo Hee at the time the illegal act was being committed. The attorney said in court that their client, T.O.P, was experiencing mental pressure as well as psychological stress at the time. Because of this, he decided to start consuming marijuana on his own.

After the incident, T.O.P.’s attorney indicated that his client had expressed regret for his behaviour and had given up using marijuana as a result. Additionally, he has ended the relationship he had with Han Seo Hee. As a consequence of this, he was given a probationary sentence of two years’ duration.

The K-pop idols mentioned above became reviled by the public after becoming embroiled in a scandal. Even though some of them have been able to get back into the entertainment business, there is no doubt that the incident has hurt their reputations to the point where it is still brought up by the public on a regular basis. 

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