Ailee Reportedly Making a Comeback this October

Guess who’s been added to the October comeback lineup?

According to a report given to Sports Chosun, the powerful solo vocalist from YMC Entertaiment, Ailee, will be making a comeback this October 2016! Previous reports revealed that she worked with many artists including rapper Yoon Mirae for her upcoming album.

Ailee just recently dropped a new digital single single entitled “If You” featuring I.O.I‘s Nayoung. Her last real comeback though was back in September 2015 when she released her first studio album “VIVID, which, by the way, was amazing! *.* I can’t wait to see what kind of music she’ll show is this time!

Are you excited for Ailee’s comeback? Stay tuned for more updates!

A Pink Releases Group Teaser Pictures & 2nd MV Teaser for “Only One”

A Pink has released more teasers for their upcoming album!

On the 22nd and 23rd of September 2016 KST, A Pink released on their official SNS accounts and YouTube channel, more teaser pictures, as well as the second music video teaser for their upcoming title track. As you all know by now, the girls will drop their 3rd studio album “Pink Revolution” along with the music video for the title track “Only One” on the 26th of September 2016 KST! More information on the album here~

The two group teaser pictures are really similar to the first and second set of individual teaser pictures that were released earlier this month. The one in color showcases the girl wearing autumn colors, white and brown, and enjoying the sun outside. The black and white picture showcases the girls wearing black and white clothes and looking gorgeous **~



As for the second MV teaser, it showcases the girls dressed all in white while walking on the roof of a cathedral. We also get a sneak peek of the song and it sounds really great *.* Can’t wait for A Pink’s comeback!

Check out the 2nd MV teaser below:

Are you excited for A Pink’s comeback? Stay tuned for the full release!

Yoo Seungwoo Releases Teaser for ‘Only U’ Featuring Heize

Starship Entertainment‘s Yu Seungwoo will be coming back with “Only U” featuring artist Heize!

The teaser depicts various countryside scenery, such as a field of sunflowers, a boat surrounded by tall grass, and an empty train track in the middle of the woods.

Soft music characteristic to Yu Seungwoo‘s previous songs accompanies the teaser.

“Only U” will be released on September 27th at 12AM KST.

GOT7 Releases Album Spoiler for Upcoming Album “FLIGHTLOG: Turbulence”

GOT7 just released an album spoiler for their upcoming comeback!

On the 24th of September 2016 KST, GOT7 released on their official YouTube channel an album spoiler for their upcoming album! As you all know by now, the boys will comeback on the 27th of September 2016 KST, with their second studio album “FLIGHTLOG: Turbulence“, along with the music video of the title track “Hard Carry“.

The album spoiler sounds A-MA-ZING! The 4 minute spoiler go from hiphop/hard hitting songs to R&B songs and even to ballads. GOT7 are so versatile *.* From what I heard, I can already say “Skyway” and “Mayday” will be my favorites~ Which song will be your favorites?

Check out the album spoiler below:

Are you excited for GOT7’s comeback? Stay tuned for the full release!

TWICE Unveils Official Group Colors After a Year Since Their Debut!

Guess what Onces? TWICE has released awesome news for you all!

On the 24th of September 2016 KST, TWICE released on their official SNS accounts, their official group colors after a little less than a year since their debut. Isn’t that amazing? I’m sure you’re all super excited to know what they are! Well here it is!

The first color is…. Apricot (Pantone 712C), an orange color full of freshness. The second color is… Neon Magenta (Pantone 812C), a pink color full of bright energy. Both colors will be used together because they suit TWICE well. It also means that TWICE and Once will always be together~

Hopefully you will all enjoy TWICE‘s new official colors and appreciate them~


What do you think of TWICE’s colors?

Song Ji Eun Reveals ‘Bobby Doll’ Dance Practice

SECRET‘s Song Ji Eun has revealed the dance practice for “Bobby Doll”!

In the creepy, doll-themed MV, Song Ji Eun escapes from a dollhouse she’s been held captive in.

Aside from her comeback showcase, Ji Eun has also held comeback stages on music shows such as “M!Countdown,” greeting fans with a new concept and performance.

Ji Eun returned with “Bobby Doll” after 2 years since her last solo album, “25.”

Super Junior’s Ryeowook Collaborates with Bada for SM Station

Super Junior vocalist, Ryeowook, has collaborated with solo singer, Bada, for “Cosmic,” released on this week’s SM Station.

News came out that Ryeowook will be enlisting in the military very soon, so this is one of his last releases as an artist before he leaves to serve.

As expected, Bada and Ryeowook‘s beautiful voices create a harmony fitting for the song.

Check it out below, and don’t forget to give Ryeowook your best wishes!