13 Foreign KPop Idols on HYBE Labels

As a result of K-pop’s internationalisation, one strategy that South Korean entertainment companies employ in order to break into the worldwide market is to scout and sign stars from other countries. Because of this, record companies all over the world are now working hard to set up auditions for K-pop idols.

HYBE Labels, which presently manages a large number of idol groups like BTS, SEVENTEEN, Formis 9, TXT, ENHYPEN, LE SSERAFIM, and the most recent addition, NewJeans, recruits members from outside of South Korea for the groups they oversee. Who are all of the thirteen international idols that are now signed to HYBE Labels?


Joshua, who was born and raised in Los Angeles and holds the visual and vocal positions in SEVENTEEN, moved to Korea in 2013 to begin his training as a member of the band. He is of Korean origin but holds American citizenship, and he is a huge fan of the song “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5.


Vernon is a mixed-race person with Korean and American ancestry. His father is Korean, while his mother is American. Choi Hansol was born in New York City, but he spent most of his childhood in South Korea. He began his training with Pledis Entertainment when he was just 14 years old and has been a trainee there ever since. Many of SEVENTEEN’s songs have words that were written by Vernon, who is the group’s rapper and also writes a lot of their songs.


Jun is a Chinese national who was born in Shenzhen. Ever since he was a child, Jun has been involved in the entertainment industry. The idol, who goes by the stage name Wen Junhui, decided to pursue a career in the entertainment industry in South Korea after becoming interested in Korean pop music. Jun was asked to join SEVENTEEN’s Performance Unit because he was already known for being a great dancer.


Both Jun and The8, another member of SEVENTEEN’s Performance Unit, have Chinese ancestry. The8 was born in China. Minghao, a skilled idol who is better known by his stage name, SEVENTEEN, has been training in b-boying for the past six years. He currently holds the position of dancer in the group. The eight became the seventeenth and final member of SEVENTEEN the year they arrived in Korea (2013).

5. Huening Kai TXT

Huening Kai is a mixed bloodline with ancestry from Korean, German, Scottish, and Polish countries. This particular TXT maknae was born in Hawaii, but he has been a permanent resident of South Korea ever since he was 8 years old. The person with the nickname Hyuka is skilled not only at singing and dancing, but also at playing the drums, guitar, piano, and flute, among other musical instruments.


Jay was born in Seattle, Washington, and he spent the first ten years of his life in the United States. The young man, who was born in 2002, began his path to becoming an idol by competing on the reality show I-LAND. He did a great job and ended up in second place.


Jake, whose Korean name is Sim Jaeyun, was the first Australian idol to be signed to HYBE Labels. Prior to making his debut with ENHYPEN, Jake served as a trainee for a period of nine months. This idol, who was born and raised in Kangaroo Country, has a special place in the hearts of ENGENE fans (ENHYPEN fandom) because of his sharp mind and kind personality.


This ENHYPEN maknae from Japan was born on December 9, 2005, and she has been praised for her exceptional dancing ability ever since she was a child. Prior to making her debut, Ni-ki was a member of a group that was called SHINee Kids. She has shared the stage with Shinee on multiple occasions. After finishing in fourth place in the I-LAND final, the person who goes by the birth name Nishimura Riki was able to make a successful debut with ENHYPEN.

9. Huh Yunjin LE SSERAFIM

Yunjin Huh, also known by her English name Jennifer, was born in Seoul but spent most of her childhood in New York. The primary vocalist for LE SSERAFIM, who has been making a name for themselves in the Korean entertainment world since 2018, competed in the reality show Produce 48. Yunjin, who possesses extraordinary musical skills, has just lately published a self-produced solo tune with the title “Raise your glass.”

10. Sakura LE SSERAFIM

Sakura made her entrance into the world of K-Pop in 2018 as a member of the girl group IZ*ONE. This year, she made her debut with LE SSERAFIM. Sakura is a Japanese idol who was born in 1998. She holds Japanese citizenship. She used to be in the girl bands HKT48 and AKB48 before she moved to Korea to start her career there.

11. Kazuha LE SSERAFIM

Kazuha is from Japan, but she spent a year in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, studying ballet. Her stunning appearance has been the subject of much discussion ever since she was presented to the public for the first time as a member of LE SSERAFIM. She is a professional ballerina who has been victorious in a number of international ballet contests.

12. Hanni NewJeans

Hanni is a Vietnamese national who was born in Australia, despite the fact that many people believe she is Korean. Hanni, who celebrates her birthday on October 6 and is the first Vietnamese idol to come from HYBE Labels, is a fan of the band One Direction and is able to play the ukulele.

13. Danielle NewJeans

Danielle, often known by her nickname “Dani,” is of Korean and Australian ancestry. She was born in South Korea, more specifically in the city of Munsan, which is located within the province of Gyeonggi-do. Dani’s appearance is frequently brought up in public discourse, and she is frequently compared to the actress Kim Yoojung. Dani has already amassed a large number of K-pop followers despite the fact that it has only been ten days since she made her official debut.

These 13 international performers are all signed to the HYBE record company. Which one of them, despite the fact that they are all charming in their own way, is your favourite?

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