6 KPop Idol Girls Learned to Dance from Childhood

One of the benefits that the majority of K-pop superstars have is that they began developing their abilities at an early age, which enables them to pursue their goals more quickly. In point of fact, quite a few people started dancing when they were quite young. In addition to this, they enjoy the support of their family.

Attending dance schools or studios is the primary means by which they polish their dancing abilities. They receive expert instruction in it until they are able to pass the audition to become trainees. After their debut, not even a small number of the dancers went on to hold positions as principal dancers. Are you curious to know who is meant? Let’s have a peek!

1. Bora ex SISTAR 

In an interview with Star Column that took place in 2012, Bora mentioned that one of her goals in life was to become a ballerina. By complete accident, she began her training in ballet when she was still in elementary school. She never stopped learning about it all the way until junior high school. Because of this, she took part in the dance festivals held at her school on a regular basis.

When Bora was dancing on stage, she experienced joy. As a direct consequence of this, she went into college intending to study music at the undergraduate level. There, she received training in several distinct styles of dance, including ballet, modern dance, pole dancing, and hip hop. When she debuted with SISTAR, she was able to continue dancing on stage while also receiving affection from the audience, which made her feel like she was extremely fortunate.


Lisa stated in an interview with Rolling Stone in May 2022 that she had been honing her dance talents since she was 5 years old. The interview took place in May. In order to showcase his abilities, he did not think twice about entering any and all contests. You should also know that during this time, he danced routines for his mother on a regular basis.

In addition, it was stated by Koreaboo that when Lisa was 11 years old, she took part in a singing competition and ended up coming in second place. As a result, he disclosed to the instructor at his school his aspiration to one day become a celebrity. Her tutor helped her through the whole process, from the time she passed the test to become a trainee to the time she successfully made her debut as a major dancer in BLACKPINK.

3. Kazuha LE SSERAFIM 

In an interview that took place in May 2022 with Weverse Magazine, Kazuha mentioned that she began her training in ballet when she was three years old. She claims that her mother was the one who enrolled her in a ballet studio that was located close to their home. She entered a number of different ballet competitions and gradually improved her talent over time. Through dancing, he gained a great deal of knowledge.

After some time had passed, Kazuha started to have second thoughts about his goals. After that, he made an effort to express himself by becoming skilled at K-pop dancing in addition to other genres. After sending a video of himself dancing to BTS’s “Dynamite” to HYBE Labels, he developed an interest in trying out for the role. Unpredictably, he was successful in his attempt to pass. In point of fact, he could make his debut at the agency with LE SSERAFIM today.

4. Minzy ex 2NE1

During an interview that took place in 2018 with Billboard, it was revealed that Minzy was initially recruited by YG Entertainment after a video of her dancing went viral on social media. It was clear that she had already developed her talent for dance well before she started her training. When she was 12 years old, she registered with the agency to begin her training there.

At first, it was intended for Minzy to make her debut as a soloist. Despite this, the fact that she is a member of 2NE1 is due to the fact that the group required a dependable dancer. He made his debut when he was only 15 years old, which is quite a feat in and of itself. She felt as if she had to constantly rehearse, and thus she missed out on many of the best times of her youth. This was despite the fact that she was successful.

5. Momo TWICE 

According to Koreaboo, Momo began her dance training at the age of three at a facility where she regularly attended. The year 2011 marked the beginning of her journey toward realising her ambition of becoming a KPop idol when she participated in the talent search programme Superstar K3. She was unfortunately eliminated from the competition.

After watching her dancing video, JYP Entertainment extended an invitation to her to try out for a position as a trainee with the company. He had a tough time getting through the training phase, which lasted for over three years. Even though the lead dancer came perilously close to missing her debut, the founder of the agency never stopped believing that she would make TWICE’s dance better as a whole. That is the factor that contributed to her success today.

6. Hyoyeon SNSD 

According to Koreaboo, Hyoyeon has been honing her dancing abilities ever since she was a student in elementary school. The idol also frequently demonstrates her talent on a variety of television programmes. He saw a significant boost in his ability after enrolling in a school known as Winner’s Dance School.

At the academy, Hyoyeon trained her dancing ability to a professional level over the course of three years. She had been a trainee at SM Entertainment for some time prior to her participation in the performance of BoA at the awards ceremony as a back-up dancer. After seven years of training, she finally made her debut.

Since they were young, the K-pop superstars mentioned above have had a clear idea of their passions and have made no effort to hide their natural abilities. They were also brave enough to try out because they knew from a young age what they wanted to do, and then they worked hard to make their debuts with their different groups. 

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