9 KPop Idols Cried as Trainees

Every K-pop star is required to participate in some sort of training programme or training before they can make their public debut. They have a tough time of it all the time because there is never any guarantee that they will make their debut before the agency thinks they are ready to begin their careers. Obviously, if they perceive it to be a challenging moment,

In addition, the majority of idols have come forward to acknowledge that they shed more tears during their time as trainees due to the numerous challenges they were required to overcome. Additionally, they started doing it at a young age when they were younger. I’m intrigued to learn more about their experiences. Let’s have a peek!

1. V BTS

V revealed in the year 2021, while participating in the You Quiz on the Block programme, that he frequently shed tears whenever a trainee had to leave the organisation. This is due to the fact that he developed strong friendships with each of them.

V was eventually able to adjust to the new circumstances. In the end, if a student gets kicked out of the programme, he will only inspire the other trainees by telling them how hard they have worked.


During her time at the Youth With You programme in the year 2020, Lisa shared that she had to quickly adapt to the culture of South Korea despite her young age. Because it is important for this Thai pop star to adjust quickly to a life without her parents while she is training,

While Lisa was crying, she frequently called her mother to tell her about the challenges she was facing. The first three months of her training were spent dealing with this issue. Over the course of his time there, he gradually adjusted to life in South Korea.


In the interview that took place in 2021 for The Project programme, Rose discussed her arduous period of training. The pop star, who spent her childhood in Australia, regularly breaks down in tears due to homesickness for her family and old stomping grounds. He moved to South Korea to follow his dream of becoming a singer.

Due to the fact that they were aware of Rose’s struggles during her training, her parents suggested that she should just return home. Despite this, he chose not to go and instead remained because he was confident that he could accomplish what he set out to do.

4. Sunggyu Infinite 

In 2015, Woohyun disclosed the incident that occurred when Sunggyu, who was only a trainee at the time, frequently shed tears on the SBS Power FM programme. His account is that the leader frequently broke down in tears in front of him.

After being reprimanded, Sunggyu even ceased screaming out in pain. Woohyun had the impression that his friend’s emotional responses were entirely rational. Sunggyu is from Jeonju and is an idol who is currently training in another city. Because of this, he has to live on his own.

5. Sungjong Infinite 

During their appearance in 2015 on the SBS Power FM programme, it was revealed that Woohyun is not the only member of Infinite who frequently cries tears. Sungjong further stated that when he was still in the training programme, he would frequently cry by himself in the restroom.

The Infinite Maknae confessed that he still recalls the events that took place during those times. He was also aware of the amount of time that had elapsed since he had been forced to go through that distressing experience.

6. Key SHINee 

In 2012, when playing a guest role on the television show Taxi, Key discussed a traumatic event that he had to endure while he was a trainee. It was common for him to cry when riding the train because his shortcomings were frequently pointed out by other people. He was of the opinion that his skills were not getting any better.

At the age of 15, Key was required to go through a training period in Seoul, and in order to do so, he had to be willing to leave his hometown of Daegu. Because he was unable to go back to his house or see his friends, he made it a point to keep himself busy so that he could adjust to his new environment more rapidly.

7. Seungyoon WINNER 

In 2016, as part of the Flower Crew programme, Seungyoon revealed that she had experienced star syndrome as a result of her popularity in several talent hunt programmes. On the other hand, this does not imply that he had an easy time when he was a trainee. During his workouts, he would frequently break down into silent sobs because he would sometimes be forced to confront the terrible realities of life.

8. Nayeon TWICE 

During the TWICELAND-The Opening-concert that took place in 2017, Nayeon said that when she was a trainee, she frequently cried for the entirety of the day while clutching Jeongyeon’s hand. There were also periods of time when she would go somewhere by herself and cry constantly due to the difficulty of the situation.

When she has to let out her emotions, Nayeon will sometimes cry in public, even if it’s in the middle of the night. She said she was grateful to have had a good debut and a concert so she could meet her fans in person after going through a hard time.

9. Wooyoung 2PM

During an interview for the programme Win Win in 2010, Wooyoung revealed that he frequently shed tears because he was under the impression that his efforts leading up to his debut were being overlooked. Park Jin Young, who started his agency, thought he didn’t do well enough to show what he was capable of, so he often told him to do better.

In point of fact, Wooyoung had the impression that he had worked so hard that he had forgone sleep in order to achieve his full potential. However, when he is feeling bad, his friends don’t mind buying him ice cream to cheer him up because they know it will help.

According to the confessions of the K-pop idols that were shown earlier, the trainee era was a challenging and difficult time for them. In addition to this, they are forced to live alone because they are required to reside in a dormitory, which is located in a remote location away from their friends and family. Naturally, in order to release their feelings, they frequently cry.

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