6 K-pop Idols Were Kicked Out of Their Groups Because of Scandals.

K-pop idols are no strangers to the world of scandal. Any of their activities or behaviours that provoke controversies have the potential to develop into scandals, which can ultimately end their careers. Despite this, there are some people who believe the scandal they caused was not done intentionally.

This was something that occurred to a few of the K-pop idols down below. They were finally kicked out of the group after their decisions and actions caused it to be pulled into a “scandal,” which was brought to the attention of the agency that regulates them. Who are these people? What kind of “crime” have they committed, and how serious is it? Continue to scroll down!

1. Jay Park ex 2PM

Before embarking on a career as a solo artist, Jay Park was a member of a boy group produced by JYP Entertainment. Because of the incident that befell him in 2009, he was ultimately kicked out of the group, which was a terrible turn of events.

During that time, a number of comments made by Jay Park in 2005 were discovered on Myspace. The comment contains a number of harsh terms that can be interpreted as swearing. As a direct result of this, the leader of 2PM apologised for making such a big fuss.

On the other hand, as a result of the issue, Jay Park was kicked out of 2PM and JYP Entertainment in the year 2009. On the same day that he made the announcement of his leaving, Jay Park made the decision to also leave South Korea and head back to Seattle, his hometown.

At that time, there were hundreds of admirers who greeted Jay Park’s arrival back in Seattle by screaming and crying at the airport. Even Soompi stated that other members of 2PM were crying, and Wooyoung, who had fainted, was eventually taken to the hospital after he was taken there.

2. Dahee ex GLAM

In 2015, GLAM was the first girl group signed to Big Hit Entertainment and Source Music that was subsequently disbanded. This is due to the fact that a member of their group by the name of Dahee got implicated in an extortion case.

Blackmail was used against actor Lee Byung-hun by Dahee and a model named Lee Ji Yeon. According to Soompi, the two individuals knew Lee Byung Hun through a third party. After that, Dahee and Lee Ji Yeon made a demand for 5 billion won, claiming that they possessed an indecent film that featured Lee Byung Hun. Lee Byung Hun did, in the end, go to the police and report the incident.

Both were taken into custody in September 2014 on suspicions that were reported by Lee Byung Hun. The following day, January 15, 2015, both Dahee and Lee Ji Yeon were handed their respective prison sentences: Dahee received one year, and Lee Ji Yeon received one year and two months.

3. Hwayoung ex BOYS24

One of the trainees in the BOYS24 survival ajan is a young man named Hwayoung. He was implicated in a scandal that some people felt was an attempt to smear his supporters. The information was made available to the general public for the first time on February 8, 2017.

Someone who claims to be Hwayoung’s ex-boyfriend recorded the idol in conversation and then uploaded the recording to the internet. The conversation file was widely disseminated not long after it was initially uploaded.

On the recording, Hwayoung can be heard using language that is not suitable. The hi-touch session, in which K-pop idols are required to hold their fans’ hands, was described by Hwayoung as being quite irritating. She also said that the breath of her followers smelt like garbage, which made her feel sick to her stomach whenever she smelled it.

Naturally, Hwayoung was met with vehement opposition from the supporters right away. As the entities that were responsible for BOYS24’s continued existence, CJ E&M and Liveworks Company released an instant declaration of remorse. After a few more days had passed, on February 14, 2017, a member of the BOY24 agency staff said that Hwayoung had been kicked out of the group.

4. HyunA ex 4Minute dan EDawn ex PENTAGON

The dating scandal is one of the controversies that is most closely associated with the K-pop industry. Because if a K-pop idol is caught in a relationship, his career will start to go downhill right away, his fans will hate him, and he will be “kicked” from his agency.

This was also the case with HyunA, formerly of 4Minute, and E’Dawn, formerly of PENTAGON. For the first time since August of 2018, the public was made aware of the existence of the couple’s relationship for the first time. At that time, it was established that HyunA and E’Dawn, who is now known as Dawn, had been romantically involved for a period of two years. The two of them, who together make up the trio known as Triple H, also caused a commotion in the public eye.

At that time, there were those who approved of HyunA and Dawn’s relationship and those who disapproved of it. The agency where both of them are represented, is one of the parties that are “against” the relationship between the two. Because in September 2018, Cube Entertainment said in a statement about HyunA and Dawn that both of them and the agency “had” broken their trust.

In addition to the statement, it was also decided that HyunA and Dawn would be “expelled” from the agency. It was announced that Dawn, who was still a member of the boy group PENTAGON at the time, had also parted ways with the collective.

In January of 2019, the couple made the final decision to become members of P Nation. Despite this, they continued to pursue a romantic relationship. In point of fact, Dawn is said to have popped the question to HyunA on February 3, 2022.

5. Yoon Seobin ex Produce X 101

Once upon a time, Yoon Seo Bin was the driving force behind the competition for survival known as Produce X 101, which took place in 2019. During that time period, he was the sole trainee from JYP Entertainment who had signed up to take part in the event. In the first episode of Produce X 101, he was the only contestant who was able to take and keep the first-place seat the whole time.

Yoon Seo Bin also caused a commotion not so long ago when scandals from his past were brought to the attention of the public. Photos that have been shared on social media show that Seo Bin has already reached the age where it is allowed for him to drink alcohol and smoke. Seo Bin did not make any excuses and acknowledged responsibility for his actions.

After being caught, Seo Bin quickly told the Produce X 101 crew and her agency, JYP Entertainment, that she was sorry for what she had done and asked for forgiveness.

In the wake of this development, the producers of Produce X 101 announced that Yoon Seo Bin will no longer be participating in the event. In addition, the production stated that they will either change Yoon Seo Bin’s face or edit her role. due to the fact that Seo Bin has already taken part in the production of about two early episodes of the show.

JYP Entertainment has also issued its official statement, following MNet’s lead in this matter. Because of the scandal that had been following Yoon Seo Bin, they finally chose to end her contract.

Although his name was not mentioned, it was common knowledge that Yoon Seo Bin had signed with the Sublime Artist Agency. In the same year, 2020, he made his acting debut in the drama Touch Me If You Can, in which he was almost instantly cast in the leading role.

6. Gugudan

There’s a good chance that the argument presented by Sally ex-Gugudan herself will be the one that leaves you most perplexed. Because Sally claimed that she and the other members of Gugudan were given the unexpected instruction to return to their homes, Sally told a Chinese media source about this information during one of her interviews.

Sally had inquired with the organisation on the timing of her return to the dormitory. However, the agency cautioned him against making a return. This was something that happened to the other members of Gugudan as well. In addition to that, they packed up all of their possessions within the dormitory. A few of the members even tried to fight back, but it was all in vain.

Naturally, the statement made by Sally caused concern among Gugudan fans at the time. Because, as they had reason to believe, the members had been instructed to return home, and they assumed that Gugudan’s break had something to do with the collapse of the girl group that Kim Se Jeong had also fronted.

There was no publicised scandal during the time period. But all of a sudden, in 2018, Gugudan went on hiatus, and two years later, in 2020, they officially disbanded. After two years of not doing anything, the group decided to break up.

7. Kim Garam ex LE SSERAFIM

The public at large does not appear to be able to forget the name Kim Garam, whose contract with HYBE and Source Music was only recently cancelled. The fact that the contract was broken suggests, without a doubt, that Kim Garam was kicked out of the band he was in at the time, LE SSERAFIM.

Following the completion of an inquiry into the bullying situation that Kim Garam was involved in, HYBE and Source Music came to the conclusion that the best course of action was to terminate Kim Garam’s contract. The problem started to become widespread not long after Kim Garam was presented to the general public for the first time because he was going to make his debut with LE SSERAFIM.

On social media, a number of claimed incidents of cyberbullying committed by Kim Garam continue to circulate with supporting proof. In addition to being accused of engaging in bullying behaviour, Kim Garam is also thought to have engaged in behaviours that a child of his age should not engage in. Smoking, rude chatting, taking pictures with indecent images in the background, or wearing skirts that are too short and tight at school are all considered inappropriate behaviors.

K-pop fans from South Korea and throughout the world are continuing to demonstrate in response to photos, videos, and screenshots that provide evidence of the activities taken by Kim Garam. They even went so far as to start a Twitter trend with the hashtag # GaramOut, which lasted several days.

The aforementioned K-pop idols were forced to leave their respective groups for a variety of different reasons. beginning with controversies and charges made over the organisation that would in fact be broken up. Despite this, not all of them ultimately made the decision to leave the world of Korean entertainment behind. HyunA and Dawn are two examples of artists who are still active in the K-pop music scene.

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