5 KPop Idols Rejoin Their Groups after Leaving

If they desire to continue their careers as solo artists or actors after leaving their K-pop groups, former idols often prefer to accept contracts with different agencies rather than continue to look for new groups. The entertainment business is filled with public figures who frequently choose this option. Nevertheless, not every single one of them came to the same conclusion.

There are some K-pop idols who, despite the fact that it is a very uncommon occurrence, prefer to go back to promotion with the other members of their group. There are many different reasons for this, but it goes without saying that supporters are thrilled to have their idol back in their midst. Are you curious to know who is meant? Let’s have a peek!

1. Yoon Kye Sang g.o.d

Yoon Kye Sang made his debut with G.O.D. in 1999 and was a member of the band until 2004. Many of his followers were furious with him because it was believed that he wanted to concentrate on his acting career. In a documentary that was released in 2014, he made the assertion that the explanation was not accurate. At that moment, he had the intention of truly retiring from his career as an artist.

In spite of this, Yoon Kye Sang came back to g.o.d in 2014. Specifically, when the band commemorated the 15th anniversary of its first performance. In addition to that, he was a participant in a variety of official G.O.D. activities, such as concert tours. Others in the group maintain a very tight relationship with him.

2. Heesun Pink Fantasy

Heesun left Pink Fantasy in 2019. According to a statement released by the management company, the idol battled with clinical depression and anxiety issues. Heesun, too, was having trouble maintaining her profession as an artist, and as a result, she made the decision to step down.

However, in January of 2021, she made her comeback as a member of Pink Fantasy alongside three new Japanese cast members. During that particular period, she simply held the status of a guest member. In May of 2021, it was announced that she would be a permanent member of the group and that she would resume full promotion with them.

3. Euaerin former 9MUSES

Euaerin is a founding member of 9MUSES and has been performing with the band continuously since their inception in 2010. In spite of this, he, along with Bini and Rana, made the decision to go in 2011. But three months later, he took part in the group’s promotion activities again.

Euaerin was a member of 9MUSES for a number of years before parting ways with the organisation in 2016 due to the fact that her contract had run its course. Due to the departure of a large number of other members, the only way for the Star Empire girl group to perform was with the assistance of the four members who remained.

4. Sunmi former Wonder Girls

2007 was the year when Sunmi made her first appearance with the Wonder Girls. In 2010, the idol, whose real name is Lee Sun Mi, made the decision to leave the entertainment industry in order to concentrate on her scholastic pursuits. After being away from the entertainment industry for a while, she came back in 2013 as a solo artist.

Two years later, JYP Entertainment made the announcement that Sunmi had returned to Wonder Girls, who at that point had transitioned from a group to a band concept. Regrettably, the Wonder Girls went their separate ways in 2017. Because of this, Sunmi has kept going with her solo career right up until the present day.

5. Kiseop U-KISS

It was stated by the NHemg or NH Media agency in 2019 that Kiseop had definitively parted ways with U-KISS. In 2009, he was an active participant alongside the rest of the group. He is an additional member. After he left, he told the crowd how much he appreciated their support during his ten-year career.

On the other hand, in January 2022, it was speculated that Kiseop would make a comeback as a member of U-KISS. Tango Music is the name of the new agency that he, together with Soohyun and Hoon, inked a contract with. The management company will help the band with everything they do, from putting out records to playing live shows.

Above is a K-pop idol who had been absent for a significant amount of time but had recently resumed his activities with his former group. Their return was hailed with elation by devoted followers who had been longing to see them again. Additionally, other members are still very close to them at this time.

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