9 KPop Idols Denied Accusations of Plastic Surgery

Discussing plastic surgery with celebrities may be a touchy subject. Even though people on the Internet say that they had surgery to change their looks, not many musicians are willing to talk about it. Of course, there are a few K-pop stars who are more comfortable being in the spotlight.

They disputed the speculation, insisting they’d never had cosmetic surgery. Some people even insist they are unconcerned with what others think of their physical appearance. Can you guess who it refers to? What do we see?

1. Taeyeon SNSD 

Taeyeon stated categorically that she did not undergo plastic surgery while serving as a DJ for the Chin Chin Radio programme in 2010. She said she was sick of people speculating that she had plastic surgery on her eyes and nose.

Taeyeon also revealed that her mother was devastated by the constant barrage of accusations from online critics. This declaration was made in response to the many online commenters who had commented on how much she had changed since her pre-debut images were made public.

2. Changmin 2AM 

Changmin denied undergoing plastic surgery in the 2012 episode of Radio Star. He remarked this since the host of the show had mentioned how the member of 2AM now seemed to have more “natural” facial features.

When he heard this, he insisted that he had no cosmetic work done. After that, Changmin made light of the situation.

3. Yesung Super Junior 

Yesung said that he heard several comments on Ji Seok Jin’s 2 O’Clock Date radio show in 2019 saying that he had plastic surgery.He denied any involvement, though. The only difference is that he now prioritises self-care more than ever before.

Additionally, Yesung claimed to be quite the social media user. He was afraid that after getting plastic surgery, he would never dare post anything on social media again.

4. Chaeryeong ITZY 

In July of 2022, Chaeryeong was dubbed “Little Kim Dong Hyun” by one of the Amazing Saturday emcees. Previously, Kim Dong Hyun has admitted to having cosmetic surgery.

So it came as a shock to Chaeryeong when she heard it. The man made it clear right away that, unlike Kim Dong Hyun, he had never undergone plastic surgery.

5. YooA Oh My Girl 

In a 2021 V Live show, YooA refuted rumours of plastic surgery. She admitted that she had read too many of the accusation’s nasty comments. Because of the way her face has changed, she frequently receives the nickname “eyelid surgery and fillers.”

The accusations upset YooA very much. She even has anxiety about speaking in public because of it. The reality of her role as an idol, however, has motivated her to make better health-related decisions.

6. Ailee 

Ailee was falsely accused of having plastic surgery by a student in 2014 while she was participating in the One Fine Day programme. After being questioned, the soloist revealed that she had not been responsible.

So that her classmates could see for themselves, Ailee even let them touch her face. The pupils liked her since she didn’t waste their time with unnecessary chitchat.

7. CL

In an interview with Allure magazine in 2021, CL revealed that she had double eyelid surgery frequently after being coerced by her managers. She believed that double eyelids were all the rage back then because so many women were getting them surgically created. Still, CL thinks highly of her physical attractiveness.

CL is open about her preference for her natural monolid eyes. When the topic of cosmetic surgery is brought up, she always becomes angry. The reason why other people strive to make her fit into preexisting beauty standards is beyond her comprehension. Makeup is more of a passion for her because it helps her feel good about herself.

8. Kim Sejeong

In July of 2022, Sejeong discussed the frequent accusations of plastic surgery she receives on the Turkeys on the Block show. She considered lying about it many times, but knew nobody would believe her if she did.

Also, Sejeong frequently responds to netizens by impersonating those closest to her in order to refute the allegations made against her. The truth is that she doesn’t need plastic surgery to achieve the appearance of her double eyelids.

9. Suhyun AKMU 

In 2017, Suhyun shared her reluctance to get plastic surgery during a live YouTube show. The singer understands that the change can enhance her physical attractiveness.

Suhyun, on the other hand, would rather be admired for her inherent attractiveness than for any artificial enhancements. She expresses appreciation and pride in her physical self.

The aforementioned K-pop stars’ self-assurance stems from the fact that they have never shied away from addressing criticisms made against them online. Apparently, they are sensitive to remarks about their appearance altered through plastic surgery. They would be right to decide to deny it, since that would satisfy the curiosity of many people. 

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