6 Most Popular K-Pop Tracks by Idol Cube Entertainment

The reputation of CUBE Entertainment as being one of the worst entertainment businesses in South Korea is well-deserved. Fans of Korean pop music gave the company this name because they thought that many of the singers they worked with were treated unfairly.

On the other hand, this K-pop agency is well-known for having musicians who have released high-quality songs and has effectively dominated music charts both domestically and internationally. Take, for instance, the six songs that are listed below; they were all performed by KPop idols signed to CUBE Entertainment. Those who listen to K-pop will have no trouble remembering the song thanks to the upbeat music and recognisable lyrics.

1. HyunA – Bubble Pop

“Bubble Pop” is one of the songs that HyunA recorded while she was still signed to CUBE Entertainment, and it is one of the most memorable of those songs. The song was eventually included on her debut solo mini album, which also bore the same name as the single. The music video for the song garnered 3.9 million views within four days of its release on July 5, 2011, which was a remarkable figure given the context of the situation at the time.

In point of fact, this level of viewership was enough to earn HyunA first place in the weekly music category on YouTube. In addition to this, HyunA’s music video for “Bubble Pop” broke a record on YouTube by being the first music video of a Korean female solo singer to exceed 100 million views. This song’s popularity surely increased due to the simple and catchy melody that it features.

2. 4Minute – Hot Issue

“Hot Issue” by the girl group 4Minute is likely to be remembered fondly by longtime lovers of Korean pop music. There is a strong argument that can be made that “Hot Issue” is one of the most iconic debut songs in the K-pop scene at the moment.

Because of the song’s enormous success in South Korea, it made its chart debut in 2009 at position number 20 on the MelOn Yearly Chart. In point of fact, “Hot Issue” and a second song titled “Muzik” earned combined sales of an estimated three to four million copies. The phenomenal popularity of “Hot Issue” led to 4Minute being nominated for a Mnet Asian Music Award in the category of Best New Female Artist in 2009. These awards took place in 2009. (MAMA).

3. Trouble Maker – Trouble Maker

HyunA and Hyunseung BEAST, who perform together as the duet “Trouble Maker,” are responsible for the release of the song “Trouble Maker.” Even so, CUBE Entertainment made one of the most well-known K-pop songs of all time, and this song deserves to be remembered.

After it was first made available to the public on December 1, 2011, “Trouble Maker” quickly became a hit and shot straight to the top of the Circle Digital Chart. It also debuted in second place on the Billboard K-Pop 100 chart. Additionally, as of the end of 2011, the song had racked up more than 4.4 million downloads in South Korea alone. Even at the MAMAs in 2012, “Trouble Maker” took home the prize for Best Collaboration.

4. BEAST – Shock

The song “Shock” is notable for being the first song to introduce a new musical genre known as “Rocktronic,” which is a fusion of rock and electronic music. Not only was “Shock” by BEAST widely welcomed in South Korea, but it was also warmly accepted in Japan. This came to light after the Japanese version was made available to the public.

The song “Shock” managed to achieve the third spot on the Circle Digital Chart. The song also reached the top two of the Oricon Singles Chart, where it landed in second place.

5. PENTAGON – Shine

“Shine,” which was released by CUBE Entertainment and was performed by PENTAGON, is undeniably a legendary K-pop song. After making their debut in 2016, PENTAGON spent some time as one of the most underappreciated artists in the K-pop industry. However, thanks to “Shine,” they have finally received the recognition that they deserved.

When it was first made available on April 2, 2018, the song did not attract a great deal of attention at first. But a month later, when numerous K-pop idols performed the song’s hammer dance choreography, it went viral for all the wrong reasons. It was announced that “Shine” was the first single by a K-pop group to hit MelOn’s top 100 real-time charts while the song was still gaining popularity.

6. (G) – IDLE – Tomboy

Last but not least, the song “Tomboy” by (G)I-DLE is CUBE Entertainment’s most recent smash hit. When it came out for the first time on March 14, 2022, the song quickly reached a number of important goals, some of which it kept reaching even months later.

One of the most popular and successful K-pop singles released that year was “Tomboy,” which was also the title track of (G)I-debut DLE’s studio album, titled I NEVER DIE. Obviously, the success of (G)I-DLE was helped along by this song as well. You should note that this makes (G)I-DLE the first KPop group in the year 2022 to accomplish a perfect all-kill.

The songs listed above range in age from just over a decade to well over two decades old. Despite this, the song continues to hold a special place in people’s hearts because of the classic melody it contains, and it will forever be remembered by devoted fans of K-pop.

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