6 K-Pop Stars Who Turned Down Invitations from Other Artists

Fellow creatives who find themselves frequently working together on a shared project or event typically find themselves drawn to one another. They can take the initiative to ask for a date in a variety of ways, including simply requesting a phone number or using mutual acquaintances to introduce them.

There appears to be a widespread trend among K-pop stars. The following male idols have all claimed to frequently decline female artists’ dating invitations. Do you find yourself wondering about the quality of their experiences? All right, let’s check it out!

1. Yoseob Highlight

In 2013, while participating in the Beatles Code 2 programme, Yoseob discussed getting asked out by other musicians. He freely admitted to receiving the invitation frequently. One of the women who asked him out actually liked him once. Regrettably, he was too nervous to start dating.

Yoseob has come to terms with the fact that dating an artist is challenging. He declined the offer because he didn’t want his personal life to interfere with his work or his band. But he freely acknowledges that he keeps in touch with the female idol he admires.

2. Lee Joon eks MBLAQ 

In 2012, Lee Joon appeared on Radio Star and talked about his dates and invitations. He’s the type to call his girlfriend repeatedly (often hundreds of times if she doesn’t pick up). Nonetheless, he claimed that he had altered his ways.

Lee Joon added that he had been approached by multiple members of a girl group. And he got asked out by both of them. Lee Joon, however, admitted that he was too sluggish to accept the offer. He would rather stay in and watch TV while eating ramen.

3. Jo Kwon 2AM 

In 2012, on the Happy Together programme, an MC asked Jo Kwon which idol had asked him out on a date. He was afraid to confess it, but he said he had never been on a date before.

Jo Kwon could not refute the five separate occasions on which female idols had asked him out on dates. When he turned to accept the invitation head-on, he felt very out of place.

4. Wooyoung 2PM 

While still appearing on Happy Together in 2012, Wooyoung was asked a question quite similar to the one Jo Kwon had to answer. He said three painters had asked him out on dates. One of them even asked if he wanted to go on a date, which he was considering accepting.

Wooyoung has swiftly admitted that he has a lot of regret for rejecting them. The host speculated that one of them was IU, because she and Wooyoung had appeared in the drama Dream High. Nonetheless, Wooyoung strongly disputed it.

5. Yongguk eks B.A.P 

During an episode of Sukira (Super Junior Kiss the Radio) on CoolFM in 2016, Youngjae inquired as to whether or not Yongguk had had any invites to go on dates. Immediately after his introduction, he received five invitations from different musicians, he revealed. However, he dismissed them all.

Among the five performers are actresses and singers. Despite his feelings for them, Yongguk turned down their advances in favour of pursuing his music career. He also didn’t think he had much of a chance to go on dates.

6. Eunwoo ASTRO 

During an interview on the 2018 Radio Star programme, Eunwoo discussed the dating invitation he received. One time, a K-pop star personally invited him via message.

Mutual friends had set up an introduction between Eunwoo and the idol. Eunwoo had never been on a date since his debut, so this invitation was his only one.

Eunwoo, however, did not reply to the invitation to the date. They still shake hands whenever they run into each other. Moreover, he said he preferred not to date anyone who was introduced to him. He prefers that his romantic involvement develop organically.

When asked out on dates by other musicians, the aforementioned K-pop stars have to balance the demands of their careers with the dangers of romantic commitment. They give it careful thought before deciding to accept the invitation.

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