Sara Fajira Profile and Facts

Sara Fajira Profile

Stage Name:Fajira
Birth Name:Sara Fajira
Date of Birth:May 3, 1996
Blood Type:
Zodiac Sign:Taurus

Sara Fajira Facts:

  • Sara was born in the Indonesian city of Surabaya, on the island of East Java.
  • She practices Islam Religion.
  • Sara Fajira was born in Jakarta.
Sara Fajira
  • When Sara was in the sixth grade, she started competing in a number of solo singing competitions. In 2008, she entered several competitions, including Idol Child 2, where she placed in the top 42.
  • To recap, in the relaunched edition of Your Eurovision held in Amsterdam in February 2020, Sara placed 12th with Weird Genius and 139 total points.
  • Sara’s aptitude as a singer was just beginning to emerge while she was in elementary school.
  • She has pierced her nose.
  • In 2020, she worked with Weird Genius on the song “Lathi,” which has since amassed over 131 million views and brought her even more attention. Sara said that singing the duet was the highlight of her career.
  • She originally joined NET. Talent Management in 2016, however, she departed the agency in 2019.
  • Sara and her best buddy started a band playing alternative rock when they were in high school.
  • In Indonesia, she attended Educational institutions like SD NEGERI KOMPLEK KENJERAN II, SDN BABATAN I, SDN Pegirian II, and Taman Kanak-kanak di TK Al Manar.
  • She also has Polish, Batak, and Yemeni ancestry.
  • She loves Attack on Titan and other anime series.
  • She is best friends with Jharna Bhagwani.
  • Sara is interested in learning more about the Javanese musical tradition.
  • Sara made it to the top two in the Just Duet competition on the second season of Idol Child, and she made it to the final round of the competition.
  • Her musician father, Muhammad Muhdy, and her singer mom, Rose Yazda Juliana, raised her.
  • Sara has appeared in the films Balada Sepasang Kekasih Gila and Kabut as well as the TV series Hitam.
  • Sara’s professional career kicked off in 2016 when she joined Just Duet.
  • Her sibling Naykilla is a rapper, while her older sibling Fabio Farisqo is a singer-songwriter.
  • After Sara expressed an interest in singing, her mother continued to improve her voice.
  • Sara’s passion in the arts began in the realm of dance, although she has been an avid music listener since she was in kindergarten.
  • It was in high school when she first encountered rap music and began to master the art form.






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