SOLE Profile and Facts

SOLE Profile:

Stage Name:SOLE (쏠)
Birth Name:Lee Sori (이소리)
Date of Birth:October 5, 1993
Height:166 cm (5’6”)
Blood Type:B
Zodiac Sign:Libra

SOLE Facts:

  • Her MBTI type, ENFP-T, is the Activist.
  • There are my mom and dad, my grandma, and her two younger siblings.
  • She enjoys watching fantasy films but only during the day since she becomes too tense if she tries to watch a thriller at night.
  • It’s unusual for her to be intrigued by a song on the radio.
    She has a piercing in her nose.
  • The year of her birth was the Chinese year of the Rooster.
    She uses a lot of lip balm before bedtime.
  • Whenever she tries to watch a scary movie, SOLE ends up having bad dreams.
  • Made an appearance on both Superstar K3 and Superstar K4, alongside the rest of the band.
  • She has a strong environmental ethic and actively promotes the use of sustainable materials.
  • She’s a free thinker who doesn’t hold rigid beliefs.
  • She was a member of the MK Music female group LiveHigh, which consisted of five singers.
  • Another song she has been seen listening to is “Drivers License” by Olivia Rodrigo.
  • SOLE has a book about Van Gogh that she purchased at a gallery show.
    She hopes to return to New York someday since she had such a good time seeing the city and basking in the sunshine.
  • Earrings and necklaces are her go-to accessories, and she gets nervous if she forgets to wear them.
  • She had always wanted to take a trip somewhere exotic, where she can unwind completely and forget about her demanding job.
  • Because her skin is so sensitive, she flushes quickly. As a result, her face is always red.
  • Sole is the first female musician to be signed by Devine channel.
  • She enjoys eating almost everything.
  • Shinbi is the name of her pet cat.
  • Her favorite foods are the dumplings, kimchi, and baekkimchi that her grandmother makes.
  • Her favorite foods are noodles, ramen, and tteokbokki.
  • Because she is almost constantly at her studio, SOLE dresses quite casually.
  • She assumed she was an introvert before taking the MBTI test.
  • She uses sunblock after doing her makeup so that her face will be smooth.
  • She adores any food that includes chocolate.
  • People who are witty, cute, and generous are SOLE’s ideal match. Singing ability is desirable, but not required.
  • “Slow” is her all-time favorite original music, and it never fails to bring her to tears.
  • The Ink Spots’ “The Best Things in Life are Free” is a favorite of hers.
  • Picture taking with fans is something that SOLE enjoys doing a lot.
  • Artist Statement – SOLE is a singer, songwriter, and producer of R&B music.
  • She thinks the poop emoji is hilarious and uses it all the time.
  • Her Fandom Name is Jjack jjacks
  • The band’s existence spans only 2011-2013.
  • Her songs are based on her own experiences and reflections.
  • She made her solo debut on Season 2 of “The Voice of Korea.”
  • She has developed an unhealthy obsession with Spicy Shrimp flavored crackers.
  • Naul and Youngjun gifted her with a Brown Eyes Soul record, and she listens to it frequently.
  • She prefers the ease and convenience of casual purses over the classic elegance of leather handbags.
  • When she performs, the clothes she wears are coordinated to the music.
  • Eating and napping with her cat Shinbi is when she’s happiest.
  • One of her favorite brands, DARKVICTORY, accounts for a large portion of her wardrobe.
  • They say she’s easily frightened.
  • South Korean-born SOLE was born in the city of Busan.
  • She keeps a chocolate-filled snack box on her desk at the studio.
  • Like HA:TFELT, GAEKO, and HUH!, she is an Amoeba Culture artist.
  • SOLE loves platformed footwear, and the NIKE Air Force 1 is her go-to because of the extra height they provide.
  • She is notorious for spraying perfume directly onto her hair and neck.
  • She is still hoarding a water bottle that Travis Scott used, and no one is permitted to drink from it.
  • She’s wearing a pair of pants that have some interesting embellishments.
  • She hates it when her outfits are all the same shade, therefore she never wears monochromatic outfits.


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