Networth of 9 EXO Members. They’re the Richest!

A short while ago, the reporters at The South China Morning Post looked at an article that discussed the wealthiest K-pop groups throughout 2022. It is interesting to note that EXO, who last made a group comeback in the middle of 2022, has become the wealthiest K-pop group, beating out BTS and BLACKPINK, who are currently gaining recognition around the world.

How wealthy is each member of the K-pop group that debuted in 2012 and has been called the richest K-pop group? The review may be seen here as it was reported by Seoulspace.

1. Baekhyun is the richest. Net worth reaches US$20 million

The wealthiest member of the group is Baekhyun. The net worth has reached $20 million in US dollars. 
It should come as no surprise that Baekhyun is the wealthiest member of EXO. The debut of Baekhyun as a soloist was a smashing success. Following it, the mini album City Lights sold over 500,000 copies, while the mini albums Delight and Bambi each sold over a million.

Additionally, Baekhyun was able to pull off a successful run of his debut solo show. 2019 marked the beginning of the singer’s career with SuperM. Baekhyun is the co-director of his own fashion label, Priv√© Alliance, and also works as a brand ambassador for Burberry Korea and Lifepharm.

In his own right, Baekhyun has amassed more than 21.8 million followers on Instagram.

2. Rich from birth, Suho’s net worth is estimated at over US$18 million

Suho’s second mini album, titled “Grey Suit,” was released not long after he was freed from his mandatory military service. The frontman of EXO also made his debut with a solo project titled Self-Portrait in the year 2020.

In addition to that, Suho has acted in a variety of films and plays. It is generally known that Suho resides in a posh neighbourhood in South Korea’s capital city, Seoul. Additionally, Suho is a holder of a Hyundai black card. Even though there is no official report, you can get this very special card if you have a net worth of sixteen million US dollars and spend an average of one hundred twenty thousand US dollars a year.

Additionally, Suho is a representative for the luxury brands Bottega and BVLGARI Korea.

3. Being a building owner, Chanyeol’s net worth is US$17 million

One of the most well-known and well-liked members of EXO, Chanyeol, puts his money into real estate. He is the only owner of a property that is estimated to be worth $2.5 million US. A former member of EXO received a brand new laptop from the singer of “Stay With Me,” so that he could use it to play video games.

In addition to being a member of EXO, Chanyeol is also an active member of the group’s songwriting team. He was also a leading actor in a number of films and television shows, including “Memories of Alhambra” and “The Box.” In addition, Chanyeol represents the Prada brand in Korea as the company’s brand ambassador.

4. As agency CEO, Lay has a net worth of US$15 million

Since he began his solo career in China, Lay’s reputation has been growing even stronger across the countries that make up the Bamboo Curtain. In the year 2020, Lay established Chromosome Entertainment as an agency. He is also a brand ambassador for more than 30 well-known companies, such as Calvin Klein, Daniel Wellington, and Chaumet.

In addition, Lay has been in a number of critically acclaimed movies, such as “The Island” and “Ming Dynasty.”

5. Kai’s net worth reaches US$13 million

The dance machine that is EXO also has a net worth, which is not a factor in any of their games. The lead singer of Peaches enjoyed a prosperous solo career beginning with his album KAI. The singer, whose given name is Kim Jong In, is in high demand as a performer at a variety of K-pop music festivals across the world, including those held in South Korea itself, as well as in Germany and Australia.

In addition to Baekhyun, Kai is a member of the group SuperM. In addition to this, Kai started to broaden his horizons by participating in a number of different variety shows, such as Honeymoon Tavern and New World.

The irresistible Kai broke new ground by becoming Gucci’s first ever worldwide brand ambassador from the K-pop scene. In addition to that, Kai is the worldwide brand ambassador for the upcoming Seoul Fashion Week 2022. In addition to that, he is the inspiration for the YSL beauty brand.

6. Across the acting world, D.O.’s wealth reached US$12 million

Since he starred in the film It’s Okay, That’s Love in 2014, the name D.O. has begun to be taken into consideration in the world of acting. Pure Love, My Annoying Brother, 100 Days My Prince, Along with the Gods, and Swing Kids are just a few of the films and dramas in which he played a leading or supporting role and were commercially and critically successful. D.O., also known as the actor Doh Kyungsoo, will excite the entertainment business with two films and one drama that are ready to screen. These films and dramas are titled The Moon, The Secret, and True Sword Battle, respectively.

Even though D.O.’s first solo album, the Empathy mini album, didn’t get much or any promotion, it got a lot of good feedback.

7. EXO’s Maknae Sehun has a net worth of US$11 million

Even though he is the group’s youngest member, Sehun has achieved just as much success as a brand ambassador. He became an ambassador for the brands DIOR, Cartier Korea, and Berluti Korea, respectively. Sehun has been in ads for a number of cosmetics brands, from Whitelab to Dr. Jart, because he has a good-looking face.

The Vogue Korea cover star for men is now Sehun, making him the second South Korean male celebrity to receive this honour. Because of this, the 2018 issue of Vogue Korea had the highest number of sales since the magazine started in 1996.

In addition, Sehun has starred in the critically acclaimed television dramas and films Now, We Are Breaking Up, and The Pirates 2, respectively.

8. Active in musical theater, Xiumin has a net worth of US$10 million

Following his time in the military, Xiumin settled into a busy life on his own. The singer, whose given name is Kim Min Seok, is also known as Xiumin’s Tennis King Tomorrow, and he hosts solo fan gatherings in addition to his own variety show. In addition, Xiumin is planning to release his debut solo album, titled “Brand New,” on September 26.

9. Known as the King of OST, Chen’s net worth reaches US$10 million

Chen is renowned as the King of OSTs due to the fact that the songs he sings for drama soundtracks are extremely well-liked and stick in the ears of listeners. The public and fans of drama are familiar with a range of songs, beginning with “Best Luck, Everytime” and ending with “Cherry Blossom Love Song.”

After Chen was discharged from the military, the singer for Beautiful Goodbye participated as a solo act in a variety of K-pop music festival events across the world, including those held in Germany and Australia. In addition, it is planned that Chen will be performing at the Let’s Love Indonesia-We All Are One K-Pop concert that will take place in November.

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