12 KPop Group Names That are Often Misspelled

When we go about our daily lives, it is not uncommon for us to become frustrated when we discover that other people have misspelt our names. Even the omission or addition of a single letter has the unavoidable effect of grating on our nerves. Even though it’s meaningless to know that someone spelled our name correctly, there should be a sense of joy and pleasure in the tone of the message.

The same may be said about the names of K-pop groups in this section. There are probably quite a few people who, even today, continue to spell the group’s name incorrectly. It is especially surprising that some of you, particularly those of you who work as K-pop article writers for online media like IDN Times Community, still write things in the wrong way.

Why don’t we have a look at the correct way to write the name of a K-pop group so that we may expand our knowledge and stop making mistakes? This will help us grow as individuals and as a group. What does the correct spelling of the name look like? Now, as promised, I will present the list to you.

1. Made up of Karina, Winter, Ningning, and Giselle, this girl group from SM Entertainment can be written as ‘aespa’ without a capital letter at the beginning.

2. Hey, who’s still wrong? The correct writing of the group from Bobby and friends is ‘iKON’ not ‘IKON’ or ‘IKon’ even ‘Ikon’

3. The writing of the name of the KPop group that is popular through the song Hype Boy should be written without spaces, namely ‘NewJeans’

4. For this one, the correct writing is ‘(G)I-DLE’ but if you write ‘()I-DLE’ or ‘IDLE’ it’s okay. Don’t get it wrong again!

5. Just had a concert in Indonesia some time ago, the correct way to write is ‘THE BOYZ’ using the letter ‘z’, not ‘THE BOYS’

6. There are still many misspellings of the name of the group from the second generation of KPop. Remember, the correct ‘SHINee’ two letters ‘e’ are not capitalized

7. Although you can write ‘SKZ’, if you don’t want to abbreviate the group’s name, the correct writing is ‘Stray Kids’ using the letter ‘s’ not ‘z’.

8. There are still many mistakes in writing the name of this girl group that debuted in 2018. The writing is ‘fromis_9’ not ‘Fromis 9’.

9. Do you realize that the Kpop group ‘Weeekly’ is written with the letter ‘e’ three times? There must be many who don’t realize, huh?

10. There are still many mistakes in writing the name of this group, the correct one is ‘STAYC’ with a capital letter, not ‘StayC’ or ‘stayc’.

11. The correct writing of the name of this boy group made by Starship Entertainment is ‘CRAViTY’ but writing ‘CRAVITY’ is also okay.

12. Although it is pronounced ‘Kepler’, the name of the 9-member girl group is written as ‘Kep1er’.

When you write the names of the Kpop groups above, you need to start paying closer attention to the usage of capital letters, spaces, and punctuation from this point forward. Write it correctly, especially if you don’t want their supporters to oppose you! From this point on, let’s make it a point to write the names of K-pop groups with extra care.

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