6 Kpop Groups with Special Features in Every Comebacks

Each K-pop group typically makes two comebacks per year, spaced out every three to six months. When a K-pop group makes a comeback, fans may expect to see a variety of changes, including new hair colours, concepts, and visuals for the members.

However, there are also idol groups that have their own distinct identities based on their characteristic styles. Some groups have trademarks that show up in all of their comebacks, like the same dance formations or lines of lyrics.

Each of the six K-pop female groups listed here has brought something unique to the table with their most recent releases. I mean, who are they?


Blackpink comes up first because of their catchphrase “BLACKPINK in Your Area,” which appears at the start of each of their songs and has become a cultural phenomenon. Since the group’s inception, this memorable phrase has been used as the song’s title in many of their singles, and BLINK always gets excited when they do.

The characteristic vocabulary, whether it be “BOOMBAYAH” or “How You Like That,” has become synonymous with the band. The members think that the song “BLACKPINK in Your Area,” which was made by YG Entertainment’s Teddy, is important because it shows that the band can exist anywhere in the world.

2. aespa

Agents can use a wide variety of techniques to give their artists’ comeback ideas a unique twist. As evidence, consider the band aespa and their signature virtual companion, ae.

Each music video also features the major nemesis in Aespa’s worldview: a big black snake. The music videos for some of Aespa’s singles—including “Black Mamba,” “Next Level,” “Savage,” and “Girls”—typically use some of these motifs.

3. iTZY

Another K-pop group whose comebacks have something special about them is ITZY. What sets them apart is the fact that each of the choreographies for their song titles concludes with a different variation of a crown stance.

Their routines are never complete until they strike their trademark crown pose. As a closing position, it’s fitting for these “queens” and it has meaning.


TWICE, like the other acts signed to JYP Entertainment, have a distinct sound that has become synonymous with their music. Some of their song titles usually have a circle in the last chorus, and that’s become their signature.

Great examples of this are songs like “FANCY,” “Can’t Stop Me,” and “Dance the Night Away” are great examples of this. Additionally, in tracks like “The Feels” and “MORE & MORE,” they produce patterns reminiscent of flowers.

5. (G)-IDLE

Since its inception, (G)I-DLE has used the “I ___” format for all of its albums. I Am, I Made, I Trust, I Burn, and I Never Die are the titles of their albums in the Korean language.

The use of the capital letter This may be intended to convey the idea that the artists are, in some sense, presenting themselves through the music they put out. And the letter could also include the members’ personal thoughts and feelings.


Each time STAYC returns, they adopt a trademark style that is nearly identical to that of BLACKPINK. This girl group signed to High Up Entertainment uses the phrase “STAYC girls, it’s going down” as a catchphrase in virtually all of its song titles.

The members of STAYC admitted to the South China Morning Post that they were completely confused by the slogan. Before their comeback with “STEREOTYPE,” nobody knew. Sumin, the leader of the group, said that the language pointed to the start of a groundbreaking new project.

This is because the six aforementioned K-pop female groups have maintained a stable and growing idea since their debut, which has helped them gain widespread recognition and acclaim. As one might expect, this is also a point of distinction. Whose traits would you appreciate if you came here?

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