9 K-Pop Stars Who Talked About Their First Love

Many people include their first romantic encounter among their most treasured recollections. The vast majority of K-pop stars hold this as a fond memory from their own formative years.

As evidence, consider the number of K-Pop stars who can vividly recall every detail of their first serious romantic relationship. They also don’t mind repeating the story at different times. I was wondering how they would describe their first kiss. Let’s check it out!

1. Ong Seongwu

Seongwu said that he had his first love while still in elementary school during an interview with Vogue Korea in 2020. He felt shame because it happened to him when he was still a small child.

It was impossible to refute the naivete of his emotions at the time. The man who used to be in the band Wanna One said that his feelings for the woman lasted for a long time.

2. Sohee ex Wonder Girls

In the 2011 Christmas Special episode of Weekly Idol, Sohee opened up about her first serious romantic relationship. One of her male friends had once asked her out in an unusual fashion.

A date invitation note was hidden in his shoe by a friend. Sohee agreed to come over. The two shared a meal at the man’s place.

3. D.O EXO

D.O. revealed in a 2016 interview that he started dating his first love when he was 18 years old. He developed an unhealthy fixation with his girlfriend.

D.O. was too smitten with his lover to see the error of his ways. One way or another, he came to feel bad about what he’d done.

4. Yujeong Brave Girls 

The Brave Girls of Yujeong Appear on Love Recall Yujeong discussed her early romantic experiences in August of 2022. She had her first experience with romantic love as a 19-year-old. Yujeong was 24 when they dated and broke up.

Despite their breakup, Yujeong eventually ran into her ex-boyfriend. She said her ex-boyfriend is now married.

5. Yoona SNSD

In the 2013 episode of Happy Together, Yoona revealed that she had spoken to her first love over the phone. Friendship with him dates back to their time together in elementary school.

Through the conversation, Yoona told her first love how she felt about him years ago. She added that he should have known about her feelings a long time ago.

6. Hoya ex Infinite 

Hoya revealed his first experience with romantic love during his time in Busan via the Star show Fall Into Vacation in 2013. He was 19 years old at the time. While relaxing on the beach, he and his first love made plans to start dating again.

7. Chanyeol EXO 

Chanyeol revealed that he experienced his first love at the age of 20 on the Laws of the Jungle show in 2014. A younger woman was his first love. The problem was that he was too hesitant to make the first move.

Chanyeol understood that he got along well with most people, but he had a hard time approaching his childhood sweetheart. Sometimes when he’s reflecting on his history, the rapper thinks about her.

8. Jeon Somi 

While participating in 2017’s Sister’s Slam Dunk 2, Jeon Somi revealed details of her first serious romantic relationship. Her first love was someone she dated.

However, after only a week together, Somi was dumped. She was worried that her first love didn’t appreciate her enough to keep dating her.

9. Sandara Park 

In 2017, Sandara revealed how devastated she was after her first love broke her heart through the Get It Beauty programme. The difficulty she had in putting an end to her sobbing meant that broadcasts had to be delayed on occasion.

Sandara eventually parted ways with all the gifts her first love had given her. She went off on her travels with the cash. Because of this, she felt a greater sense of relief and independence.

The K-pop stars up there may have moved on from their first loves, but the memories are still vivid. True love is an incredible feeling, one that stays with you forever.

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