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KARD Has You In New Music Video “You In Me”

Even before their debut, KARD has been releasing great songs, with catchy beats and easy to follow lyrics that get people's attention. And this time was no exception. Following the line of hits, we get "You In Me" with its sultry, sexy atmosphere, catchy beats and great lyrics. Also, the dark themes give it a… Continue reading KARD Has You In New Music Video “You In Me”

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KCON Announces 2nd Ticket Sales Date + Artist

We have some good news for all of you KCONers! In case you missed out on getting your KCON tickets for LA, you now have another chance to get them tomorrow!On August 4 at 10 AM (PST), more tickets will be available to be purchased for KCON LA. KCON LA will be taking place August… Continue reading KCON Announces 2nd Ticket Sales Date + Artist

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K.A.R.D Makes Their Official Debut with ‘Hola Hola’

The wait is officially over for fans of K.A.R.D! The dominating co-ed group made their glorious official debut with the release of their new song "Hola Hola", which features their signature tropical sound. After dropping 3 singles as a part of a pre-debut project and gaining a large audience, without a doubt K.A.R.D has become… Continue reading K.A.R.D Makes Their Official Debut with ‘Hola Hola’

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KARD Releases Teaser For Anticipated Debut MV

After three successful songs and a U.S. tour that is having a part 2, K.A.R.D.'s official debut MV teaser has been dropped by DSP.  The boys and girls are surely having fun in the teaser where they play, walk around, and go on a road trip.  We are excited to see what this group will bring to us… Continue reading KARD Releases Teaser For Anticipated Debut MV

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K.A.R.D Drop Tracklist for ‘Hola Hola’

The anticipation is building up to K.A.R.D's official debut! The co-ed group dropped the tracklist for their first mini-album Hola Hola.  The mini-album will feature "Hola Hola" as the title track, along with their pre-debut singles and 2 new songs! In addition to the tracklist, K.A.R.D also released some fierce photos of Somi and J.Seph.… Continue reading K.A.R.D Drop Tracklist for ‘Hola Hola’

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K.A.R.D Announces 2nd US Tour!

Over the past couple months, rookie group K.A.R.D have been notably gaining much recognition for their charisma, sick music and on-point choreography. After completing their 1st US tour back in May, along with stopping by places in Brazil, K.A.R.D is back again for the next installment of their American tour---Wild KARD 2017 - The 1st… Continue reading K.A.R.D Announces 2nd US Tour!

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K.A.R.D Releases 1st Set of Debut Teasers

We've finally made it---Korea's current co-ed group K.A.R.D is finally making their debut on July 19, 2017! After 3 hit pre-debut singles including "Oh NaNa", "Don't Recall" and "Rumor", the group is officially spreading their wings and making their official debut. K.A.R.D began hyping up the fans with the release of B.M and Jiwoo's teaser photos, featuring their chic style for… Continue reading K.A.R.D Releases 1st Set of Debut Teasers

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KARD to Tour Europe in September

KARD will be touring Europe in early September as part of their 2017 world tour, "Wild KARD!" The cities and dates of the tour are as follows: London (September 1) Lisbon (September 3) Madrid (September 5) Milan (September 8) Rotterdam (September 10) The group is also slated for an official debut on July 19. The… Continue reading KARD to Tour Europe in September

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KARD Drops Long-Awaited Debut Teaser

It's the moment all KARD fans have been eating for—the group will finally be debuting next month! On their official Twitter page, they uploaded a simple teaser with their logo and a debut date for July 19. The co-ed group has been charming an audience from around the world with their multi-faceted personalities, talents, and… Continue reading KARD Drops Long-Awaited Debut Teaser

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Check Out The Secret KARD Ver. of “Rumor”!

K.A.R.D has done it again! They went ahead and dropped a surprise for their fans with the Secret KARD version of "Rumor". The special music video shows the members performing their most recent single "Rumor" on the Californian beach. They surely made the beach their own stage! What a neat performance!