5 KPop Visual Groups Used to Feel Bad About Their Bodies

Idols of the Korean pop music scene are renowned for their alluring appearances and proportionate body forms. As a result, a lot of people, particularly those who are into Kpop, wish they had a physique like theirs.

However, beyond the veneer of “perfection,” Korean artists have also experienced feelings of insecurity. This is something that even the KPop images, which are often seen as being the most in line with South Korean beauty standards, feel. I’m intrigued to know what causes them to feel insecure. Let’s have a look at the debate, shall we?


When BLACKPINK was invited to appear on Knowing Brothers, Jisoo shared that the day before participating in significant filming, she would eat ramen or instant noodles and then go to bed immediately afterward. The lead actress from the Snowdrop drama wants to seem as cute as the rest of her overweight friends, so she is working on making her cheeks look bigger.

The revelation made by Jisoo was subsequently refuted by his supporters. Because Jisoo already has a very attractive and endearing appearance, despite the fact that she has tiny cheeks.

2. Suzy 

Suzy made her debut in the entertainment industry as a member of the girl group Miss A, where she served as maknae and visual before going on to become one of the most successful actresses in the industry. During the beginning stages of her professional career, she was frequently seen appearing with bangs. It has come to light that there is a justification for this action.

Suzy wore her bangs in such a way that they consciously hid her forehead line. In addition to that, he is not a fan of infant hair or the hair that children have on the tips of their heads. Suzy, however, eventually made peace with the situation and developed the confidence to show off all of her facial features.

3. Irene Red Velvet 

Irene, too, has admitted in the past that she has been unhappy with the appearance of her face. The idol, who was born in 1991, stated on the Power Time radio show that she had cheekbones that protruded to the side. Choi Hwa Jung was the host of the show.

After hearing this, Wendy responded by denying it and claiming that Irene had more attractive cheekbones than she did herself. People on the internet disagree with you as well, due to the fact that Irene’s facial features are quite attractive and go well together.

4. Tzuyu TWICE 

Despite having her roots in Taiwan, Tzuyu was chosen to serve as the official visual for TWICE. This is due to the fact that her physical attributes are regarded as being the most compatible with East Asian beauty standards. In spite of this, this idol’s height of 172 centimetres (cm) can still have body image issues.

When she was in close proximity to Dahyun, her feelings of inadequacy surfaced. She instantly felt her skin turning darker.


L’s naturally curly hair is something he has never liked about himself. Because people in Korea with curly hair are uncommon, and because the man, whose true name is Kim Myung Soo, does not enjoy being the centre of attention due to the fact that he has curly hair, he has chosen to keep his hair straight.

L also went through a period of time during which he changed his hairstyle. This results in his original hairstyle being completely obscured.

Even though they are admired by a large number of fans, K-pop idols are not necessarily immune to feelings of insecurity. Simply because it is human nature, so long as it is contained within acceptable bounds. In addition, the expectation that one should always appear “perfect” can also play a role in the manifestation of these feelings. What are your thoughts?

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