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Get Hyped Up For Zico’s “King Of The Zungle” World Tour With This Playlist

Zico is one of those artists you can't help but admire and follow because of incredible talent and personality. And with his world tour "King of the Zungle" is getting closer to the US dates, we've complied this Playlist to help you prepare for this amazing your! 1. Tough Cookie (ft. Don Mills) The track… Continue reading Get Hyped Up For Zico’s “King Of The Zungle” World Tour With This Playlist

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Block B’s ZICO Reveals “KING OF THE ZUNGLE TOUR” 2018 in USA

With summer coming to an end, and more artists are beginning to kick off their world tours- it looks like American fans of Block B and ZICO are sure in for a treat! MyMusicTaste has teamed up with ZICO and will be adding additional tour dates in the United States! So far for ZICO's 'KING OF THE ZUNGLE TOUR' 2018 is only set to hit… Continue reading Block B’s ZICO Reveals “KING OF THE ZUNGLE TOUR” 2018 in USA

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Zico Releases Dreamy Music Video for “Soulmate” ft. IU

Zico has been topping the charts with his well-loved hits, and his latest release is no different. "Soulmate" features IU, and tells the quiet tale of his interpretation of what it means to have a soulmate. "Laying on the sofa with just one spoon," Zico raps, "we get excited about waking up." IU's voice adds… Continue reading Zico Releases Dreamy Music Video for “Soulmate” ft. IU

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Zico & IU Reveal Collaboration Concept Photos for “Soulmate”

It's been over a year since Zico released "Television" which featured his popular tracks "ARTIST" and "ANTI". Now, Zico's newest single "Soulmate" will feature IU and is set to be released on July 30th, 2018. Zico released concept photos on his Instagram account following an earlier MV teaser. You can watch the MV teaser here.

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Zico Announces First World Tour

Block B's rapper Zico, a celebrated collaborator and successful solo artist, will be embarking on his first world tour. MyMusicTaste has announced that Zico's "King of the Zungle" tour will feature stops based on fan's requests using MyMusicTaste. In the past, MyMusicTaste has organized 140 concerts and featured groups such as BTS and EXO. Zico… Continue reading Zico Announces First World Tour

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Crush Releases “Cereal (Feat. Zico)” MV

Crush appears to be having fun with his pal Zico in the new MV for "Cereal" as he croons that 'she's real' and playfully asks for a serial number from his listener ('What's your serial number? Let me know your birthday!' Zico echoes). The new track comes fresh off of Crush's latest EP, "Wonderlost" which… Continue reading Crush Releases “Cereal (Feat. Zico)” MV

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Zico Reveals Colorful Comeback Teaser

Zico has revealed a mysterious and colorful teaser video for his upcoming comeback this July. The video was uploaded through Block B's official Twitter and features a fuzzy TV screen clearing to reveal Zico's name. He will be coming back with a new mini album packed with tons of new songs that he's been working… Continue reading Zico Reveals Colorful Comeback Teaser

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“Show Me The Money 6” Confirms All Four Producer Teams!

Guess what TV show's coming back soon? The famous Korean rap survival show "Show Me The Money" is gearing up for their sixth season to air in just a few months! Luckily, fans don't have to wait any more to find out who will be part of the four producer teams! MNET, the broadcasting channel,… Continue reading “Show Me The Money 6” Confirms All Four Producer Teams!

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ZICO Drops Mellow MV for ‘She’s A Baby’

ZICO is back, serving refreshing music and visuals with the official MV for "She's A Baby." The talented artist demonstrates his versatility with vocal and music styles, giving us a song that is mellow, sweet, and pleasant on the ears. The MV also includes a soft color palette suited to the song and the spring… Continue reading ZICO Drops Mellow MV for ‘She’s A Baby’