Holland Goes Off The Record With Pudding

Self-made star and benevolent spokesman for LGBT in Korea, Holland is still on the rise after debuting with Neverland earlier this year. In July, Holland released twin singles, 'I'm Not Afraid' and 'I'm So Afraid.' Both songs have accompanying music videos that find home on his YouTube channel. However, Holland doesn't just use his YouTube… Continue reading Holland Goes Off The Record With Pudding

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Check Out This Awesome K-pop Fitness Channel!

The Youtube channel KpopX Fitness will be the beacon of hope for getting in shape this summer, since they have awesome and fun exercises for every K-pop enthusiast. I love the idea of working out to K-pop in a more interactive way then just having a "K-pop Workout Playlist" for the gym, cause let's be… Continue reading Check Out This Awesome K-pop Fitness Channel!

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H.U.B Announces 1st US Tour!

New Planet Entertainment's girl group H.U.B has announced their 1st US tour! Brought to you by Kaja Events, the girls of H.U.B will stop by 4 cities from June to July. H.U.B will stop by Miami on June 30, Atlanta on July 1, Minneapolis on July 6, and New Jersey on July 8. In addition, this will… Continue reading H.U.B Announces 1st US Tour!

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5 YouTubers You Need to Check Out!

#1: JunCurryAhn When it comes to music and kpop, you definitely cannot miss out on this YouTuber! JunCurryAhn, (real name: Jun Sung Ahn) is a talented violinist and popular YouTuber who definitely proves his love for music. Not only does he make covers by playing the violin, but he dances too! Having released a couple dance… Continue reading 5 YouTubers You Need to Check Out!


[!!] YouTube Blocked K-pop?!

As of yesterday, many K-pop fans from the U.S. have been pretty much in shock after YouTube blocked certain MVs from the country. So far these the ones that are blocked: update: Woolim Entertaiment (Infinite, Lovelyz) Most videos are back online but not all It's weird. (ie: Sung Kyu's 너여야만 해 works but not Kontrol). J.tune camp (MBLAQ, Madtown) Brave… Continue reading [!!] YouTube Blocked K-pop?!