BTS Drops Performance Version for ‘Not Today’

The wait is over, because BTS has just dropped the official performance version for “Not Today.”

The boys spoil fans with two different performance videos in one: the first has more close-ups, whereas the second version has a zoomed out view of the intense choreography.

“Not Today” is one of the songs in BTS‘s most recent release, “You Never Walk Alone,” which is a followup to their successful “WINGS” album.


BTS Surpasses New Heights in Epic ‘Not Today’ MV

BTS always impresses with their releases, and the official MV for “Not Today” is no exception!

Opposed to the emotional “Spring Day,” “Not Today” takes an intense, epic turn, with hard-hitting choreography, invigorating beat, and dynamic aesthetic.

“Not Today” is one of the four new songs included in the followup album to “WINGS,” titled “You Never Walk Alone.

The group recently surpassed a milestone with “Spring Day” and continue to be influential figures in the international music industry.

Check out the intense MV below, and share your favorite moments with us!

BTS “Spring Day” MV Dropped And Surpassed 3 Million Views

The day has finally come for all ARMY—BTS dropped their music video for their song, “Spring Day”. In fact, in just 6.5 hours, the music video has already garnered about 3 million views!

The music video takes place on a train, starting with an abundance of snow at the first train station; throughout the video, the colors become warmer, ending the video with melting snow ready for the spring. Although the apparent vibrancy is warm, the lyrics depict aching words.

Many fans greatly anticipated the release of the “Spring Day” music video, giving the teaser over 6 million views by itself! In addition, immediately upon release, the song received an all kill on the music charts.

The music video for “Not Today” will be released on February 20th worldwide. What did you think of the music video?

BTS Unveils Tracklist for ‘You Never Walk Alone’

BTS has unveiled the official tracklist for their upcoming release, “You Never Walk Alone.”

The album consists of songs included in their “WINGS” album, along with a new addition of “You Never Walk Alone,” which will be 2 minutes and 36 seconds long.

The group previously released a stunning set of teaser images for the much-anticipated album.

BTS is also embarking on their world tour, “BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour” in countries across the world, including the United States.

BTS Reveals Stunning Teasers for ‘You Never Walk Alone’

BTS is coming back, and if that reality still hasn’t hit you yet, it will once you check out these stunning concept photos.

With new hairstyles, they set the stage for their much-anticipated, upcoming album, “You Never Walk Alone.”

The boys will be returning later this month with a followup to their “WINGS” album, titled “You Never Walk Alone.”

What do you think of their new look?