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UP10TION Turns Chicago into ‘Candyland’ for Meet & Live Tour

The talented boys of UP10TION successfully turned Chicago into "Candyland" for their beloved HONEY10s! They kicked off their Chicago stop of their 1st U.S. "Meet & Live" Tour with a night filled with unforgettable performances, off-the-charts fan-service, and sweet memories for their lucky fans, some who had the opportunity to meet and take photos with… Continue reading UP10TION Turns Chicago into ‘Candyland’ for Meet & Live Tour

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UP10TION Visits Candyland for 1st US Tour!

The boys of Up10tion are headed to the united states for the first time to meet and greet with their American fans! They will be playing five venues starting in Chicago and finishing in LA! Will you be visiting 'Candyland' with Up10tion? Grab yours before they are gone! Get tickets here!

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Get Hyped for UP10TION’s 1st U.S. Meet & Live Tour with this Playlist!

The clock is ticking, and UP10TION's very first U.S. tour is fast approaching! The boys will be coming to the U.S. for their "Candyland" Meet & Live Tour, which will take place from June 15 to June 29 in 8 cities across the States. In preparation for this exciting event, we have prepared a playlist… Continue reading Get Hyped for UP10TION’s 1st U.S. Meet & Live Tour with this Playlist!

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UP10tion Releases ‘Pick a Pose’ Snapshot for Upcoming Meet & Live Tour: CANDYLAND

Calling out to ALL UP10TION fans attending the Meet & Live Tour in the U.S. Sales for the 'Pick a Pose' Snapshot are finally on sale NOW! So hurry up and scurry on over here and pick up your ticket(s)! Each ticket will be $10 USD and is valid for one pose/one member, BUT you are… Continue reading UP10tion Releases ‘Pick a Pose’ Snapshot for Upcoming Meet & Live Tour: CANDYLAND

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UP10TION to Hold 1st U.S. Fanmeet Tour

UP10TION will be meeting American Honey10s this June for their first U.S. fanmeet tour! They and Studio PAV will be hosting UP10TION's 1st US Meet & Live Tour, "Candyland," in 8 cities in North America, starting in San Jose, CA on Friday, June 15, and conclude on Friday, June 29, in Seattle, WA. The ticket… Continue reading UP10TION to Hold 1st U.S. Fanmeet Tour

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UP10TION Releases Cryptic Teaser

UP10TION has released a cryptic teaser, and many fans have already began decoding it to find the hidden messages. The image was posted with the message "Invitation X Code" and shows a puzzle image with several scattered letters and ten images in a row. The group could be returning with their first full-length album very… Continue reading UP10TION Releases Cryptic Teaser

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UP10TION Are Slick and Fierce in “Going Crazy”

TOP Media’s boy group UP10TION made an impact with the release of their new song “Going Crazy”! In their new music video, the guys of UP10TION take it up a notch with their slick and fierce concept, wowing the fans in suits. The use of dimensional blocks for the words was a unique idea for… Continue reading UP10TION Are Slick and Fierce in “Going Crazy”

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UP10TION Get Sleek in ‘Runner’ MV

You definitely don't want to miss out on these sick moves! The members of UP10TION come together to deliver an elegant image in their new music video for "Runner". The group took a turn in concepts with their fresh and slick image, portraying the chic maturity in UP10TION.

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Joining the #KCON17NY Lineup Is……

The popular rookie boy groups KNK and UP10TION!!! KCON has announced today that the boys of both KNK and UP10TION will be joining the continuous exciting lineup for KCON NY. KNK and UP10TION will be joining the stage along with CN BLUE, TWICE, GFRIEND, SF9 and Highlight! Who's looking forward to many amazing performances and interactions with their favorite idols?! We sure are and will… Continue reading Joining the #KCON17NY Lineup Is……