UNB Makes Intense Debut with ‘Feeling’

UNB (short for You & Unit B), also known as UNIT B, has made their highly-anticipated debut with “Feeling.”

“Feeling” is an intense and powerful track with a dark and spellbinding MV that includes narration from the members. Each of the members get their time to shine, showcasing a wide range of vocals, dynamic dance skills, and rap.

The song is also the title track of the group’s mini album, “Boyhood,” which includes songs such as “Only One,” “Ride with Me,” and “Rebooting.”

The project group is comprised of 9 members from different groups and agencies, all of which participated in the idol reboot program, “The Unit.”

The members are: BIGSTAR‘s Feeldog, U-KISS‘s Jun, A.C.E‘s Chan, BIGFLO‘s Euijin, HOTSHOT‘s Hojung, H.B.Y‘s Marco, MADTOWN‘s Daewon, IM‘s Kijung, and Ji Hansol.


U-KISS Releases “Stalker” MV & Album

U-KISS’s music video for “Stalker” is out!

U-KISS is making their first comeback in a long time with their 11th Mini Album, Stalker. “Stalker” is an upbeat dance track showcasing a new side to U-KISS.

The music video fits perfectly with the song, and showcases both dance scenes and shots of the members stalking a girl. Stalker features six tracks, including an instrumental of “Stalker.”

Check out the music video below, and share your thoughts with us!

UKISS Completes Teaser Image Set for “Stalker”

After announcing that they would be having an early June comeback, UKISS has updated fans with more teaser images and details about their new album.

Their 11th mini album will be called Stalker, with the title track set to be a powerful dance track. The group has unveiled a comeback schedule with details about their releases, and have since completed the teaser image set with Kevin and Eli’s photos.

A group photo is also out for Stalker, featuring the boys in dark clothing and serious expressions.

They will be coming back on June 7th, 2016. Stay tuned for more updates!



Comeback Schedule & Teaser Photos for U-KISS Released

Boy group U-KISS has revealed the first few sets of teaser images, along with a schedule, for their June comeback!

The boys will be heating up the early summer with a powerful dance track, bringing a long-anticipated release to eager fans.

The teaser photos for Hoon, Jun, Soohyun, and Kiseop are now out, with the remaining members to be released very soon.


Comeback Schedule_UKISS

The group will be making their comeback on June 7th with their 11th Mini Album, with more details and exciting reveals to come very soon!

Are you ready, Kiss Me’s?

[Comeback] UKISS Preparing for a Summer Comeback!

You read it right, Kiss Me–UKISS will finally be coming back!

Although they’ve been very active in Japan, UKISS has not had a Korean release since January 2015 with “Playground.” On a live V App broadcast, however, they gave fans a glimpse of their new MV set and even showed a little bit of what their song would sound like.

They will be returning with a powerful dance track in early June, and will showcase another side to fans who have been waiting for the comeback.

They are currently in post-production phases for the album, but the full release will be out very soon!