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UNB Makes Intense Debut with ‘Feeling’

UNB (short for You & Unit B), also known as UNIT B, has made their highly-anticipated debut with "Feeling." "Feeling" is an intense and powerful track with a dark and spellbinding MV that includes narration from the members. Each of the members get their time to shine, showcasing a wide range of vocals, dynamic dance skills,… Continue reading UNB Makes Intense Debut with ‘Feeling’

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U-KISS Releases “Stalker” MV & Album

U-KISS’s music video for “Stalker” is out! U-KISS is making their first comeback in a long time with their 11th Mini Album, Stalker. “Stalker” is an upbeat dance track showcasing a new side to U-KISS. The music video fits perfectly with the song, and showcases both dance scenes and shots of the members stalking a… Continue reading U-KISS Releases “Stalker” MV & Album