SONAMOO Drops MV for ‘Friday Night’

SONAMOO has just released the MV for “Friday Night!”

“Friday Night” is the first release of their three-month project, “Happy Box,” in which they will release one new track for their fans every month.

“Friday Night” is a groovy and upbeat track that just makes you want to party the night away.

Check it out below!

B.A.P Drops Teaser Ahead of Comeback

B.A.P has unveiled a mysterious teaser image ahead of their upcoming comeback!

The photo resembles a computer error screen, with the title, “Security Warning,” on the top. The warning message asks to enter the code name to start their next project after “ROSE,” which was their most recently released album.

Are you ready?

SONAMOO Drops Teasers for ‘Friday Night’

SONAMOO has released teaser photos for their upcoming single, “Friday Night.”

Friday Night” is part of the group’s Happy Box project, which is a three-month project where they will drop one new song per month for their fans.

Friday Night” will be released on August 14.

Get Ready to Party with B.A.P with this Playlist!

If you’re attendingĀ B.A.P‘s upcoming “Party Baby” World Tour, you’re going to need a playlist to get ready for it. We got you covered!

Here is a compilation of some of B.A.P‘s greatest songs, ranging from their hit title songs to their lesser-known and underappreciated tracks.

  1. “Feel So Good” (Carnival)
  2. “Young, Wild & Free” (Matrix)
  3. “Blind” (Matrix)
  4. “Go” (Carnival)
  5. “Walk” (NOIR)
  6. “I Guess I Need U” (NOIR)
  7. “Skydive” (NOIR)
  8. “S.N.S” (First Sensibility)
  9. “With You” (First Sensibility)
  10. “Excuse Me” (Badman)
  11. “Warrior” (Warrior)
  12. “Stop It” (Stop It)
  13. “Wake Me Up” (ROSE)

Check out the full playlist here…

B.A.P most recently came back with “ROSE,” with title song “Wake Me Up.” “Wake Me Up” has been gaining attention for its subtle, yet meaningful messages about society.

B.A.P‘s “Party Baby U.S. Boom!” is hosted by Powerhouse Live, who has recently brought B1A4 and BTS here.

To anyone attending the tour, have lots of fun!


B.A.P Says ‘Wake Me Up’ in Comeback MV

B.A.P is back with a meaningful new MV for “Wake Me Up.”

Not only the lyrics of the song, but the storyline in the MV itself address various issues within society, sending a subtle message to its viewers.

The MV features a diverse cast, along with stunning and emotional shots of the group members.

“Wake Me Up” is the title song of B.A.P‘s 6th album, “ROSE.”

What message do you think B.A.P is trying to convey?

B.A.P Drops 1st MV Teaser for ‘Wake Me Up’

The first MV teaser for “Wake Me Up” is finally here!

Although the video doesn’t feature the members, it gives us a glimpse of a mask, a clock, a calendar, a painting, and more.

What do you think the MV will be about?

“Wake Me Up” is the title song of B.A.P‘s upcoming album, “ROSE,” which will be released on March 7.