Jonghyun, An Eternal Legend To Us All

We got the news with pain in our hearts. We wanted them to be a lie, but it is a painful truth, our dearest Jonghyun has left us.

To help us all cope with this news we compiled some of his most memorable moments to honor his memory and to remember him in our hearts in the most beautiful way.

Check out some of our favorite Kim Jonghyun moments.

His sweetness, his love for others, his kind heart, all of this should be what comes to mind whenever you mention Kim Jonghyun from SHINee.

“SHINee didn’t lost a member, they gained an angel”.

Thank you Jonghyun, for touching our lives, and spreading positivity wherever you went. You will be truly missed.

This is not a goodbye, it’s a see you later.


KNK’s “Sun.Moon.Star” Drops With Chilling Vocals

Declared as a tribute to Highlight‘s “Ribbon” and “12:30”, YNB Entertainment‘s rookie group KNK makes a chilling comeback with their track “Sun.Moon.Star”. Differing from their usual style, the group took on a new style to try their hand at new music—and the result is extraordinary. 

Known for their astounding vocals and cool harmonies, KNK delivers another breathtaking song. Remarkably, a key feature one should pay attention to is Youjin‘s high notes, which will definitely send shivers to any listener. 

The writers of Sweet Sweet Kpop surely can’t wait to listen to the rest of their album Gravity. What was your favorite part of “Sun.Moon.Star”?

[Tribute] Remembering 4Minute!

Hello Sweeties~

Today we have a special article, a tribute to the seven year girl group 4Minute, who just recently disbanded. It has been a great shock for all 4nia‘s and other fans hearing the news. It is true that the members of 4Minute announced before the release of their seventh album “Act7” last February 2016, that if “Hate“, the title track, and the album in general didn’t work, most of them wouldn’t renew their contracts. As a big fan of 4Minute, I never thought it would actually happen. The girls have been struggling for seven long years to find a place in the Kpop industry, trying to top the charts, winning music shows and awards.

Because of the bad news and all the negative articles that are running around on the Internet, Sweet Sweet Kpop decided to do a tribute and honor to 4Minute‘s long seven years of hard work for all the fans.

Even though 4Minute won’t be around anymore as a group, please keep supporting them by streaming their music videos on YouTube and buying their songs/albums. It has also been announced that Hyuna has renewed her contract with CUBE Entertainment and that the other members are still in talks for solo and/or acting debuts. The members that won’t be renewing their contract with CUBE will be leaving the agency and hopefully signing somewhere else.

Check out 4Minute’s story below and some of their best music videos:

4Minute… Where Everything Starts

The girl band 4Minute was formed of five members, Jihyun, Jiyoon, Sohyun, Gayoon and HyunA in 2009 by CUBE Entertainment. The girls debuted on the 15th of June 2009 with the single “Hot Issue”. In 2009 and 2010 the girls won a lot of ” best rookie” awards. After that, they won many awards for “song of the year” and the “Bonsang” awards.

Over their seven years of being amazing idols, the girls released a total of one full album “4Minutes Left” in 2011, seven mini albums and about 15 digital singles.

Their best comeback was probably the “Crazy” comeback in February 2014 with the mini album and title track of the same name. A lot of Kpop fans got to discover the amazing band and follow them!

Their best songs that got them many wins on music shows such as M! Countdown, Music Core, SBS Inkiyago and MBC Show Champion were the songs “Crazy” and “What’s My Name” released in 2014 and 2013 respectively.

Check out below some of their best music videos:

4Minute – HUH

4Minute – Volume Up

4Minute – What’s Your Name

 4Minute – Crazy

4Minute – Hate

What is your favorite 4Minute MV?

Please don’t forget to keep supporting and loving them!!