Dreamcatcher Reveals Mysterious Comeback Trailer

Dreamcatcher is shrouded in mystery in their most recent comeback trailer for “You and I.”

The brief trailer was released through VLive and has already amassed over 17,000 views and 1 million hearts from their fans.

Similar to their previously-released teaser for “You and I,” this teaser showcases mysterious and ominous insights into their upcoming MV, which is set for a release on May 10 along with their mini album, “Escape from ERA.”

The group, best-known for their horror and dark concepts, most recently dropped the special track, “Full Moon,” following their promotions with “Fly High.”



Stray Kids Drops Teasers for ‘I am NOT’

Stray Kids has released teasers for their debut album, “I am NOT.”

The teasers are spread out into various photo sets, lyric cards, an intense debut trailer video, and the official album tracklist.


They have also released special images for their unveiling showcase, which will take place on March 25 at Jang Chung Arena.

The group is officially debuting on March 26 at 6PM.

VIXX LR Tease for Comeback with ‘Whisper’

VIXX LR is coming back with a new mini album later this month.

The duo, comprised of VIXX members Leo and Ravi, have revealed a video teaser for their new release titled “Whisper,” along with a detailed comeback schedule.


They are officially returning on August 28 at 6PM after the release emotional and intense track, “Beautiful Liar” in 2016.

GOT7 Drops Breathtaking Comeback Trailer and Album Track List

“i will never ever give up” were the words that caught the attention of many during the premiere of the trailer. The steadily rising group, GOT7, dropped a breathtaking trailer for their upcoming March comeback. The album Flight Log: Arrival will complete the Flight Log trilogy, following up on the scenes from the past music videos in “Hard Carry” and “Fly”.

The trailer follows Jinyoung through his contemplation and pondering thoughts after GOT7‘s Departure and Turbulence. Beautiful shots of the beach, including scenes with abundance of snow are shown throughout the video, taking the viewer on a journey with the member. Words were not even audibly spoken to display the message of helplessness felt from the lost member—in fact, a silent typed monologue created this feeling. The power in these moments exhibited a roller-coaster of emotions, taking hold of love, joy, regret, and anguish. The trailer proved that a picture is truly worth a thousand words.

Following the release of the trailer, the track list for the album was also revealed! Once again, the members actively participated in composing and writing the songs for the album. The title track will be “Never Ever”, composed by JYP, earattack, and more.

GOT7 Hints For Upcoming Comeback

To celebrate their 3 years since debut, GOT7 held their 3rd anniversary fanmeeting with IGOT7’s on February 5th, 2017. Themed We Under the Moonlight, the fanmeeting showcased never-before-seen choreography for tracks on their most recent album, Flight Log: Turbulence, including a switched-parts version for songs such as “Let Me”. As the night ensued, the members expressed their gratitude for being together with the fans for these 3 years with touching speeches and a surprise video. This surprise video was revealed to be their pre-trailer for their next comeback, Flight Log: Arrival!

GOT7 is expected to comeback in March to conclude their trilogy of Flight Log. The members guaranteed that this album will be their most R&B album yet, featuring more compositions from each of them. Are you looking forward to their new music?

B.A.P Releases ‘SkyDive’ MV Trailers

B.A.P has unveiled the official MV teaser and individual member teasers for “Skydive!”

The MV for “Skydive” will center around the thrilling mystery of locating the criminal, “X,” along with the action that enfolds throughout their struggles.

The teasers reflect that tension, with guns blazing, intense gazes, and dark imagery. It looks like B.A.P will be delivering yet another cinematic masterpiece!

“Skydive” is the title track of B.A.P‘s 2nd full-length album, “NOIR,” which will be released on November 7th.

VIXX Drops ‘Kratos’ Character Trailers

VIXX has unveiled the full set of character trailers for their upcoming comeback with “Kratos.”

Two trailers were uploaded each day, with each one featuring a different member. The first pair to be released was Hongbin and Ken,Leo and Ravi, and finally, Hyuk and N.

Each one shows brief yet intense clips from their upcoming MV, such as Ken on his throne.

VIXX will be releasing “Kratos” on October 31st, along with the MV for title track, “The Closer.”