“Show Me The Money 6” Confirms All Four Producer Teams!

Guess what TV show’s coming back soon?

The famous Korean rap survival show “Show Me The Money” is gearing up for their sixth season to air in just a few months! Luckily, fans don’t have to wait any more to find out who will be part of the four producer teams! MNET, the broadcasting channel, has already confirmed all four teams and I promise it’s not going to disappoint!

The first team confirmed is team Zico-Dean, we all know how close these two are especially since their formed the group Fanxychild. Unlike Zico who has already been a producer on the show (back in 2015 during SMTM’s season 4 alongside Paloalto), I’m excited to see how Dean will do since it’s his first year.

The second team confirmed is team Tiger JK-Bizzy, two legendary Korean rappers who have been in the game for multiple years now. They’re both signed to the label Jungle Entertainment and they’re part of the hip hop group MFBTY alongside Tiger JK‘s wife Yoon Mirae. They’re also part of a huge crew reuniting a lot of Korean rappers called The Movement Crew. This is their first year but I’m sure these two will bring a lot to the show especially since they have a lot experience.

The third team confirmed is team Dynamic Duo, another legendary hip hop duo who have been active since 2004. They’re under Amoeba Culture and just like Tiger JK and Bizzy, they’re also part of The Movement Crew. This is Dynamic Duo‘s first year as well but just like Tiger JK and Bizzy we can expect a lot!!

The fourth and last team that has been confirmed is team Dok2-Jay Park! The only producer team to have two members coming back on the show! As you probably all know, Dok2 is hip hop label 1LLIONAIRE‘s CEO alongside The Quiett while Jay Park is hip hop label AOMG‘s CEO. Both have been friends and collaborating together since Jay Park went solo, almost 7 years ago. Jay Park was on the show at the same time as Zico while this will be Dok2‘s third year, being on season 3 and 5. Another team with a lot of experience both in hip hop and on the show!

The auditions for “Show Me The Money 6” closed yesterday, April 16th, and were held in both Korea and New York as well as Los Angeles. As of right now, there’s been no specific dates announced as to when the show will air, just that it is set for mid 2017.

Make sure to stay tuned for more updates! What do you think of the producer line up?


[Concert] Red Velvet, Tiger JK, and more join the KTMF 2016 lineup!

Korea Times Music Festival, or KTMF, will be celebrating their 14th anniversary this year with a star-studded lineup! Every year, this festival has been held in Southern California as a celebration of Korean culture and music and has gathered an audience of various generations for an evening of performances.

This year, the festival is back with a great lineup, with more to be added! It was recently announced that FT Island and AOA would be joining veteran artists in the lineup, which was exciting in particular for younger fans. Now, girl group Red Velvet has also been added to the list of performers!

Red Velvet is in the midst of preparing for a comeback, so we can expect them to perform new tracks there at the festival. Not only have artist reveals included Red Velvet, but entertainers such as Tiger JK, Heejun Han, Bizzy, and Han Young-ae as well.

KTMF 2016 will take place on Saturday, May 7th, 2016, at the Hollywood Bowl. We hope everyone has a great time!

[Awards] Who will win the Best Underground Rapper Award?

Hi everyone ~~

Today is a big day…. You’re going to vote for the best underground rapper!!! Yeaaaaah

Here’s a little bit of an explanation on how it is going to work. You will have 5 days to vote for the best underground rapper. The underground rapper with the most vote will win an award. We will have two categories, the first one will be for the female underground rappers and the second one will be for the male underground rappers. You will be able to see the nominees below with their name and a video with one of their song so you can judge or discover new rappers. A survey will be available at the end of the article for you to vote. Let’s start with the female category first, cause “Ladies first”.

In the category “Best Female Underground Rappers”, we have :

  • Our first nominee is…. KittyB with Back To Basic
  • AshB with By My Side
  • Kasper with Blood On The Leaves
  • Choi Sam with Okey
  • Yoonmirae with Boys Noize

In the category “Best Male Underground Rappers”, we have :

  • Our first nominee is Dumbfounddead with Cypher
  • The Quiett with Keep Right
  • Huckleberry P with Man In Black
  • Paloalto with Good Time
  • Tiger JK with I Know

Now, it’s time for you to vote. Which female rapper and male rapper should win the award of “Best Female Underground Rapper” and “Best Male Underground Rapper” ?