WJSN Drops Comeback Schedule & ‘Happy’ Concept Photos

WJSN is gracing us with a full-length album for their upcoming comeback!

The girls are returning with their 1st full album, “Happy Moment,” and have revealed a detailed schedule for their releases.

They will begin with “Happy” concept images from May 24 to May 28, followed by teaser films and an official release on June 7.

They have already released the beautiful concept images for members Cheng Xiao, Bona, and Luda. Check them out below

Yezi Drops Fierce Teasers for ‘Anck Su Namum’

Fierce rapper Yezi (FIESTAR) is coming back with a powerful track!

Concept images were revealed for her upcoming release, along with an MV teaser.

She’s releasing a new digital single album, “Anck Su Namum,” on May 24 at 6PM KST.

Check out the MV teaser below! What do you think about this concept?

ASTRO Releases Additional Concept Photos for ‘Dream’

ASTRO has unveiled an additional set of concept photos for their upcoming mini album, “Dream Part 01.”

The members sport a natural and mature look with an overall peaceful and youthful atmosphere.

Dream Part 01” will be released on May 29 at 4PM KST.

Which teaser image is your favorite? What concept do you think ASTRO is going for with this comeback?

ASTRO Drops Dreamy Comeback Teasers

ASTRO is coming back!

After a string of seasonal releases (“Spring Up,” “Summer Vibes,” “Autumn Story,” “Winter Dream“), the group is breaking away from the cycle and starting anew.

They’re back with a dreamy, refreshing concept for “Dream Part 01,” the first segment of their series.

This will be the group’s 4th mini album and will be released on May 29 at 12PM KST.

24K Is Addicting in Comeback Concept Photos

Boy group 24K is returning to the scene with a new album called “Addiction.”

24K has just completed their addicting concept image set, which features the members in silky dress shirts and black slacks and bathed under a dark and alluring light.

The group has also unveiled an official schedule detailing the releases for the comeback.

24K will release their album and MV on May 27! Are you ready?

SEVENTEEN Teases for 4th Mini Album

SEVENTEEN is coming back with their 4th mini album, “Al1,” very soon!

The group uploaded three teaser images, one with the title of the album, another black-and-white with the caption “Alone” and featuring a shirt that reads, “I left my heart in San Francisco,” and the last one, which includes all of the members.

Meanwhile, the group has recently posted their world tour schedule for “Diamond Edge” which includes dates across Asia and within the U.S.

All” will be released May 22.