BoA Is Sleek in ‘CAMO’ MV Teaser

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to welcome back the queen of K-popBoA! The hit SM Entertainment artist will be making a comeback with “CAMO”, with her sleek style and chic aura.


Some of her hit songs include “Only One“, “Disturbance“, “No Matter What” and more.

Henry Drops Sick MV Teaser for “I’m good”

SM Entertainment‘s Henry is officially coming back with a new single 끌리는 대로 (I’m good)SM dropped the Nafla version of the music video teaser for his new single. The single features music artist Nafla for this pop-rap song. The track “talks about a man’s heart willing to live carefree after a break-up”.

Henry will make his anticipated comeback on June 22 with “I’m good”. Stay tuned for more teasers to come!

APINK Drops Comeback Teasers for Namjoo & Hayoung

APINK has dropped their official comeback teasers with “Pinkup” for Namjoo and Hayoung!

In addition, they have also released their comeback album track list, schedule, and cover image. “Pinkup” consists of 7 different tracks, one of which will be an instrumental for “Five.”

APINK will return on June 26 at 6PM KST with their 6th mini album.

Stay tuned for more updates!

BLACKPINK Completes Concept Photo Set & Releases MV Teaser

BLACKPINK has completed their comeback teaser set with Lisa, Rosé, and full group images and have also dropped their official MV teaser.  

They have also revealed the title of their comeback song, which will be “마지막처럼 (As If It’s Your Last).”

“As If It’s Your Last” will be released on June 22 at 6PM.

Check out the photos and teaser video below!

BLACKPINK Drops Comeback Teaser for Jisoo

BLACKPINK has released their second comeback teaser, and this time, it’s for Jisoo!

Just yesterday, they released the concept image for Jennie, who shares a similar red color scheme.

The group is making their long-awaited comeback on June 22 at 6PM KST.

Are you ready?

BLACKPINK Drops Comeback Teaser for Jennie

Jennie is the first member up for BLACKPINK‘s official comeback teasers!

She looks both gorgeous and adorable with pigtails and colored contacts, coordinating perfectly with an overall red theme.

The girl group is in the midst of their comeback prepaations, with their new release coming up on June 22 at 6PM.

BLACKPINK Drops Comeback Teaser

YG Entertainment surprised BLINKs with an official announcement for BLACKPINK‘s comeback! The international sensation known as BLACKPINK will be ready to take the world of K-pop by storm on June 22.


This will be their newest upcoming album since the release of SQUARE TWO back in November 2016. Who’s ready for another hit from BLACKPINK?