Girl’s Day Get Mysterious in Comeback Teasers

The members of Girl’s Day have kicked off the start of their comeback with stylish teaser images for each member, including two teaser videos for their upcoming album, Everyday #5. After a long wait for the fans, the girls are finally back for their anticipated return!

Teasers for Hyeri and Minah have been released as part of the first set of video teasers. It looks like the music video for “I’ll Be Yours” is going to be interesting!


The girls look chic and feisty in the clips with a hint of humor—which one is your favorite?

Get Ready for PRISTIN’s Debut With Their MV Teasers

A unique girl group has caught the attention of Sweet Sweet Kpop—PRISTIN! After showing much promise through their individual teasers, the girls are definitely a group to watch out for. Most notably, their hands-on take with different concepts for each member is one that will have everyone picking a favorite.

The ten-member girl group is set to debut on March 21st with their title track “Wee Woo”. Check out the teasers for the music video below!

CNBLUE Releases Band Performance Trailer for ‘Between Us’

CNBLUE has just dropped the band performance trailer for their upcoming title track, “Between Us!”

The song is powerful and catchy, and just like CNBLUE‘s usual music style, with a hint of something new.

The group previously released an album highlight medley, giving fans a preview of their latest tracks.

“Between Us” is the title song on “7°CN,” which will be released on March 20.

WINNER Teases for ‘Fateful’ Comeback

The boys of WINNER are gearing up for their comeback with “Fate Number Four.”

They dropped their first official teaser image for the album, featuring the four members duplicated multiple times and walking in various directions.

They will drop their new album on April 4 at 4PM, along with their comeback MV.

Are you ready?

HIGHLIGHT Says ‘Plz Don’t Be Sad’ in MV Teasers

The boys of HIGHLIGHT have just unveiled colorful MV teasers for “Plz Don’t Be Sad (얼굴 찌푸리지 말아요).”

Both the song and the MV are promising, with a catchy tune, colors and sets that pop, and a fun choreography!

This will be the group’s first release under the name HIGHLIGHT, as they were previously known as BEAST when they were in Cube Entertainment.

Let’s show HIGHLIGHT some support for their return and debut! Their album, “Can You Feel It?” will be released on March 20.

MONSTA X Drops Visually-Stunning MV Teaser for ‘Beautiful’

MONSTA X has unveiled the official MV teaser for their comeback with “Beautiful.”

The teaser is as visually-stunning as their previous MVs and Oath videos, depicting the members separated in various enclosed rooms. We also get a brief glimpse into the song itself, including a beautiful high note!

This is the conclusion to their three-part series, which began with “All In” and “Fighter,” both of which revolved around the symbol of the blue flower.

MONSTA X has also revealed their final narration teaser, “The Last Oath,” which states the members will do whatever it takes to protect the X Clan.

“Beautiful” is the title song of the group’s first full-length album, “The Clan 2.5 Beautiful,” which will be released on March 21.

Are you ready?

New Songs From PRISTIN are Refreshing and Powerful

Formerly known as Pledis Girlz, the girl group has been making their way for their official debut as PRISTIN. After dropping fresh concept photos, the group recently released a preview of the songs featured on their first mini album HI! PRISTIN. 

The tracks range from upbeat tunes to ballad songs highlighting their sweet-sounding vocals. Each member has participated in the album to produce refreshing songs through writing lyrics or composing. Within the midst of spring, the group aims to bring a “powerful” and “pretty” style to the fans.

Two music video teasers will soon be out before the girls make their comeback on March 21st with “Wee Woo”. From this highlight medley, which song are you looking forward to the most?