VIXX Reveals Choreography and Music Teasers for ‘Eau de VIXX’

VIXX has dropped brief sneak peeks into the choreography and music for their comeback with “Eau de VIXX.”

The group initially dropped a “hidden” music snippet, then followed up with a mute choreography spoiler.

The group is coming back on April 17 at 6PM KST with their 3rd full-length album, “Eau de VIXX,” which was revealed to have a title track titled “Scientist.” The album  has large been scent-themed, with a dark, mature, and alluring aesthetic.

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IN2IT Drops MV Teaser & Concept Images for ‘Snapshot’

IN2IT has dropped teasers for their upcoming single, “Snapshot,” which will be released on April 19.

Along with their official teasers, they have also revealed a string of “spoiler” images, which depict the members with cameras. In addition to those sets, they have also unveiled individual member shots with a magazine cover theme.

The first MV teaser for “Snapshot” was also just uploaded and provides a sneak peek into the upcoming MV.

According to their schedule, an additional MV teaser will be released on April 16.


IN2IT is a group formed after the members’ participation in the survival show, “Boys24.” They debuted late last year in October with the album, “Carpe Diem” and catchy, upbeat title song, “Amazing.”

Official Teasers

Individual Snapshots

Spoiler Images

VIXX Drops Teasers for ‘Eau de VIXX’

VIXX has released teasers for their 3rd full album, “Eau de VIXX.”

In addition to several sets of mature and intense concept photos, they have also released animated scent teasers and an official album tracklist. The title track of the album is called “Scientist,” and many of the songs are written or composed by the members.

They are making their long-awaited comeback on April 17 at 6PM.

The Boyz Reveals Additional Comeback Teasers

The Boyz has revealed an additional set of comeback teasers along with the comeback album tracklist, highlight medley, and teaser clips!

Their mini album will consist of 6 tracks: “The Star,” “Giddy Up,” “Text Me Back,” “Just U,”, “Back 2 U,” and “Get It.” The title song will be “Giddy Up,” and the members participated in the lyrics of some songs, including “Just U” and “Giddy Up.”


The boys highlight their songs through their medley, which showcases brief previews of the mini album while showcasing a reel of concept photos.

The Start” is officially dropping on April 3 at 6PM KST.


PENTAGON Drops Teasers for 6th Mini Album ‘Positive’

PENTAGON has released two sets of teasers for their upcoming album, “Positive.”

In addition, they have revealed an official cover photo, tracklist, and comeback schedule. According to the schedule, an audio snippet will be coming very soon!

Positive” will be the group’s 6th mini album and will he released online on April 2 and offline on April 3.

Stray Kids Drops Teasers for ‘I am NOT’

Stray Kids has released teasers for their debut album, “I am NOT.”

The teasers are spread out into various photo sets, lyric cards, an intense debut trailer video, and the official album tracklist.


They have also released special images for their unveiling showcase, which will take place on March 25 at Jang Chung Arena.

The group is officially debuting on March 26 at 6PM.

MONSTA X Drops Intense Music Film for ‘The Connect’

MONSTA X has released an intense music film for their upcoming album, “The Connect.”

The music film is much like a movie trailer or MV in itself, showcasing several intense scenes and includes both narration and brief song previews.

The group has also released the official album tracklist, which includes a few songs the members themselves participated in creating.


MONSTA X is coming back on March 26 with a new album and MV. They will also be embarking on their world tour very soon and showcase their new songs to fans around the world.