THE BOYZ Are Playful in ‘KeePer’ MV Teaser

THE BOYZ are energetic in the MV teaser for their digital single, "KeePer" (which can also translate to "Protect"). As per their youthful and energetic concept, the members are depicted in playful competition with one another, facing off in what appears to be a tennis or volleyball court. The group previously teased for the special release… Continue reading THE BOYZ Are Playful in ‘KeePer’ MV Teaser

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24K Counts Down to Comeback with ‘Bonnie N Clyde’

24K is gearing up for their comeback with the exciting "Bonnie N Clyde." Since the announcement of their full-group comeback, the group has released a series of teaser images, as well as two video teasers, both of which showcase intense and thrilling scenes from the MV and snippets of the choreography. The MV scenes of… Continue reading 24K Counts Down to Comeback with ‘Bonnie N Clyde’

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PRISTIN V Drops Teasers for ‘Get It’

The ladies of PRISTIN are returning to the scene with a brand new release and a completely new concept through a 5-member unit group. The unit group is known as PRISTIN V, which features members Nayoung, Rena, Roa, Eunwoo, and Kyulkyung. This time, they are releasing a new single album, "Like a V," with title track… Continue reading PRISTIN V Drops Teasers for ‘Get It’

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Dreamcatcher Reveals Mysterious Comeback Trailer

Dreamcatcher is shrouded in mystery in their most recent comeback trailer for "You and I." The brief trailer was released through VLive and has already amassed over 17,000 views and 1 million hearts from their fans. Similar to their previously-released teaser for "You and I," this teaser showcases mysterious and ominous insights into their upcoming… Continue reading Dreamcatcher Reveals Mysterious Comeback Trailer

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WJSN is Magical in ‘Dreams Come True’ MV Teaser

WJSN has just revealed the MV teaser for their upcoming release, "Dreams Come True." "Dreams Come True" is the title song of their 4th mini album, "Dream Your Dream," which has a magic theme. They have additionally given fans a preview of what's to come in their narrated "Secret Film." "Dream Your Dream" and the… Continue reading WJSN is Magical in ‘Dreams Come True’ MV Teaser

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INFINITE Drops Long Version of ‘Tell Me’ Teaser

INFINITE has revealed the long version teaser for their upcoming title song, "Tell Me." The teaser is just over one minute in length and features choreography and song highlights, with an addicting and memorable tune that is a refreshing twist from the group's usual style. In addition to the "Tell Me" teaser, they have also… Continue reading INFINITE Drops Long Version of ‘Tell Me’ Teaser

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MXM Reveals MV Teaser for ‘Diamond Girl’

MXM has revealed their MV teaser for "Diamond Girl," the title song for their 2nd mini album, "Match Up." The teaser gives us a brief preview of "Diamond Girl", which is an upbeat and funky song with a video with a nice aesthetic. Their album and MV are slated for a release for January 10. Check… Continue reading MXM Reveals MV Teaser for ‘Diamond Girl’

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ASTRO Are Ready to Get “Crazy Sexy Cool” in New Teaser

The cute boy group ASTRO have a taken a 360 turnaround in concept with their new image for "Crazy Sexy Cool"!  In the music video, the members gather around before a closet and get pulled into a new world. The preview features a more mature image than their previous comebacks as well. It follows as… Continue reading ASTRO Are Ready to Get “Crazy Sexy Cool” in New Teaser

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GOT7 Releases First Unit Teaser for “Turn Up”

After having wonderful reception in Japan, GOT7 have begun releasing teasers for their upcoming Japanese release Turn Up.  In the new mini album, the members formed units with each other to create unique songs for different versions of the album. The first unit teaser features GOT7 members Jinyoung and Youngjae.  https://youtube.com/watch?v=APC4EsAoZiU The mini album is… Continue reading GOT7 Releases First Unit Teaser for “Turn Up”

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BTS Reveals Ethereal Comeback Teasers

BTS has blessed us with a breathtaking set of comeback teasers, ranging from heart-stopping concept photos to exciting MV teasers. True to their reputation, the group is the talk of the town due to their upcoming album, "HER," which is stock-full with new music, including a collaboration track with The Chainsmokers.  They have also released… Continue reading BTS Reveals Ethereal Comeback Teasers