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Kim Donghan Announces Return with 2nd Mini Album ‘D-NIGHT’

Kim Donghan will be making a comeback with his 2nd mini album, "D-NIGHT." In contrast to teasers for his debut album, "D-DAY," the teaser image for "D-NIGHT" features a much darker theme as well as a black and white color palette. The contrast in images highlights the delineation between the "day" and "night" of his… Continue reading Kim Donghan Announces Return with 2nd Mini Album ‘D-NIGHT’

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Jin Longguo Teases for 1st Mini Album, ‘Friday n Night’

Jin Longguo will be releasing his first mini album, "Friday n Night," very soon! The artist revealed the exciting news through a stunning teaser image which also depicts his official logo. According to Longguo's comeback timetable, "Friday n Night" is slated for a release on August 29 at 6PM. Another concept photo is scheduled for… Continue reading Jin Longguo Teases for 1st Mini Album, ‘Friday n Night’

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THE BOYZ Announces Upcoming Single Album

THE BOYZ will be returning soon with their very first single album! The group revealed the exciting news through a teaser image on their social media sites. The boys will drop their new album, "The Sphere," with their title song, "Right Here," on September 5 at 6PM KST. They will be counting down to their… Continue reading THE BOYZ Announces Upcoming Single Album

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VIXX’s Leo Teases for 1st Solo Mini Album

VIXX's Leo will be releasing his very first solo mini album very soon! The teaser depicts his hands, which are crossed over one another, one hand which is wearing two rings and a bracelet on it. The album will be titled "Canvas" and will demonstrate new sides of his talents that we haven't seen before.… Continue reading VIXX’s Leo Teases for 1st Solo Mini Album

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UP10TION Releases Cryptic Teaser

UP10TION has released a cryptic teaser, and many fans have already began decoding it to find the hidden messages. The image was posted with the message "Invitation X Code" and shows a puzzle image with several scattered letters and ten images in a row. The group could be returning with their first full-length album very… Continue reading UP10TION Releases Cryptic Teaser

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MAMAMOO to Make Summer Comeback!

MAMAMOO is slated to have a comeback in late June! The group recently took to social media to share a mysterious teaser image that hinted at a new concept "never attempted before." They have also encouraged fans to sign up for official fanclub membership. The group previously released "Decalcomanie" last November as part of their… Continue reading MAMAMOO to Make Summer Comeback!

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WINNER Teases for ‘Fateful’ Comeback

The boys of WINNER are gearing up for their comeback with "Fate Number Four." They dropped their first official teaser image for the album, featuring the four members duplicated multiple times and walking in various directions. They will drop their new album on April 4 at 4PM, along with their comeback MV. Are you ready?

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B.A.P Unveils Teasers for ‘From Noir’

B.A.P unveiled a brief teaser video, depicting the members playing poker, as they did in their previous, thrilling MV, "Skydive." The group then followed up with a puzzle image, giving fans an ambiguous glimpse into their upcoming release. What do you make of these teasers? Do you have any theories? The group is also embarking on… Continue reading B.A.P Unveils Teasers for ‘From Noir’


Lovelyz Reveals Cute Comeback Concept Photo

Talented girl group Lovelyz is coming back with a whole new look! The group recently unveiled a concept photo for their impending comeback with their 2nd album, "R U Ready?" The cute concept contrasts their previous images, which ranged from a school girl theme to more mysterious and natural ones. "R U Ready?" will be… Continue reading Lovelyz Reveals Cute Comeback Concept Photo

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100% Reveals Comeback Teaser Image

Yet another group is joining the February comeback rush. This time, it's talented boy group 100%! They will be returning to the stage with a new release titled "Sketchbook" on February 22, and their concept image accompanies this artistic theme. 100% recently came back with the powerful vocal track "Better Day" as part of their… Continue reading 100% Reveals Comeback Teaser Image