OH MY GIRL Drops Dreamy Comeback Teasers for ‘Coloring Book’

OH MY GIRL has graced us with dreamy teasers for their comeback with “Coloring Book!”

The dreamy setting and elegant costuming accentuate the beauty of the members, creating an overarching fantasy theme that’s both refreshing and appealing.

They have also revealed the official album tracklist, detailing all 5 tracks included in “Coloring Book.”

In addition to the album tracklist and concept images, OH MY GIRL has unveiled an MV teaser for their title song, which has an innocent and whimsical atmosphere.

The girls will be returning with their 4th mini album, “Coloring Book,” on April 3.

Check out the teaser below!

CNBLUE Drops Comeback Album Tracklist & Additional Concept Photos

CNBLUE has unveiled additional concept photos for their comeback, along with the official album tracklist!

Although the first set of concept photos were bright and set on the beach, the new set is indoors, with a dark and warm aesthetic.

Their comeback album consists of 6 tracks, all of which the members contributed to the creation of.


The group is returning with their 7th mini album, “7°CN” on March 20. This is the group’s first Korean comeback since “BLUEMING” a year ago.

Are you excited to see new music from CNBLUE?

MONSTA X Drops Breathtaking Concept Photos for Shownu & Group Portrait

MONSTA X has concluded their stunning array of concept images with photos for Shownu, along with the entire group.

MONSTA X‘s leader is absolutely breathtaking, with a new hairstyle, hair color, and outfit that accentuates his features.

All of the members are handsome and elegant in their first group portrait for “The Clan 2.5 Beautiful,” the group’s first official full-length album.

The boys are coming back on March 21 and according to their comeback schedule, will release “The Last Oath” tomorrow, followed by an MV teaser on March 16.

CNBLUE Unveils Comeback Concept Photos for ‘7℃N’

Boy band CNBLUE is finally coming back with a new album titled “7℃N.”

The four-member group is depicted on the beach, dressed in simple black and white color scheme, giving off an air of elegance.

They will be releasing their 7th mini album on March 20 and title song “Between Us,” so stay tuned for more updates!

MONSTA X’s Jooheon is Breathtaking in ‘Beautiful’ Teaser Photos

MONSTA X‘s Jooheon is a stunning gentleman in the group’s latest concept photos for their first full-length album!

Unlike the other members, Jooheon’s photos seem particularly symbolic, and not just because he looks great! His include the flowers that were significant in their first part of the trilogy with “All In” and were a recurring theme in “Fighter.”

Jooheon is the second-to-last member to be released, with I.M being just before and Shownu being the next and final member.

MONSTA X is releasing “The Clan 2.5 Beautiful” in just a few more days on March 21, so hang in there!

MONSTA X’s I.M Sparkles in Latest Concept Photos

MONSTA X‘s rapper and maknae, I.M, (literally) sparkles in the group’s latest concept photos for their upcoming comeback album.

His photos continue with MONSTA X‘s recurring theme of light, as Minhyuk‘s had glitter and Hyungwon‘s also included lights.

He is the third-to-last member whose photos were released, adding to the stunning array of concept images. (Previously released were Minhyuk, Wonho, Hyungwon, and Kihyun.)

The group is coming back with their first full-length album, “The Clan 2.5 The Final Chapter,” on March 21, with songs created by the members themselves.

MONSTA X’s Kihyun is the Epitome of Beauty in Concept Photos

MONSTA X has fans captivated with their recent comeback concept photos, and the effect of Kihyun‘s teaser images is no different.

Like the previous members, Kihyun has two different photos, one providing a wider shot and another that’s more personal and emotive.

He follows the pattern of simplicity and elegance, embodying an atmosphere of mystery with a hint of darkness.

In other news, MONSTA X has revealed their first full-length album, “The Clan 2.5 Beautiful,” will have a jaw-dropping three different versions, “Beautiful,” “Brilliant,” and “Beside,” respectively.

Each version will have a unique photobook, various photocards, lyric books, oath papers, and more, making it a cohesive and full package.


The group is coming back on March 21 with their long-anticipated comeback and will release an album tracklist tomorrow.

Are you ready, Monbebe?