Kyung Teases for Double Title Tracks

More teaser images have been unveiled for Kyung‘s 1st mini album, “Notebook!”

Among these teaser images are the names of the album’s double title tracks, roughly translated as “I’m In Front of You (너 앞에서 나는)” and “Afterimage (잔상).”

The official English titles are likely “When I’m With You” and “Memories,” as these were included in official teaser photos.

Both songs will feature an artist, or artists, whose identities have yet to be unveiled.

Kyung will official launch his solo album on January 18!

Make sure to check out his official release schedule if you haven’t already!


NCT 127 Drops Winwin & Jaehyun’s Concept Photos

The concept photos for NCT 127 members Winwin and Jaehyun have been released!

The members sport new hairstyles and looks in their teaser images and videos.

These were released as part of NCT 127‘s comeback with their 2nd mini album, “NCT 127 Limitless,” which will have two MVs.

Time is ticking, and we’re getting closer and closer to the group’s official comeback on January 5th.

Are you ready?

NCT 127 Drops Teasers for Yuta & Taeil

NCT 127 has unveiled more comeback teasers, this time for member Yuta and Taeil!

These images and teasers were uploaded as a part of NCT 127‘s comeback with “NCT 127 Limitless,” the group’s 2nd mini album.

The album will consist of 6 tracks, with the title song being an addictive, urban R&B song called “Limitless.” There will also be two different MVs.

The now 9-member group (with the addition of Doyoung and Johnny) is coming back on January 5th!

Are you ready?

NCT 127 Drops ‘Limitless’ Teasers for Taeyong

NCT 127 has unveiled comeback teasers for member Taeyong!

The comeback teasers consist of three official concept photos and two MV teasers starring Taeyong.

Many images were also posted on NCT‘s official Instagram page, showing more behind-the-scenes from their MV and photoshoot set.

The group also previously released photos and video snippets for members Haechan and Mark, which you can view here.

NCT 127 is releasing their 2nd mini album, “Limitless,” on January 4th.

This comeback will feature the original NCT 127 members, along with additional members Doyoung (NCT U) and Johnny.

SONAMOO Drops Teaser Images for ‘I Think I Love U’

Girl group SONAMOO is joining the early 2017 comeback rush with “I Think I Love U!”

They have unveiled concept photos for each of the members, along with a detailed comeback schedule for their first single album, “I Think I Love You.”

Since they have completed the individual member photos, they will upload the group photo tomorrow, followed by the album cover image, album and MV trailers, and finally, their official comeback on January 9th!

Are you excited?

RaNia Teases for Comeback with New Members

RaNia (BP RaNia) will be returning as a 7-member group, with 4 of them being new members.

After posting a teaser image with the silhouette of 7 girls, the group has now revealed major lineup changes, with three members (T-ae, Xia, and Di) departing and several members joining.

One of the new members was an original member of RaNia under the stage name Saem, who left to promote as an actress and is now returning to the group.

They have also released a teaser for “Start a Fire,” giving us a glimpse into their new song.

The girls will officially return on December 30!

AOA Reveals Stunning Concept Photos for ‘Angel’s Knock’

Girl group AOA has revealed stunning concept photos for their comeback with “Angel’s Knock.”

They will be promoting double title tracks with opposing concepts (hence “AOA vs. AOA”), the first being “Excuse Me” and the second “Bing Bing.”

The members look gorgeous and mature in their photos, suiting both themes equally well.

They have also dropped the official launching film, which depicts Seolhyun encountering her “other self.”

AOA will be returning on January 2nd with their first full-length album, “Angel’s Knock.”

Which concept do you prefer: the light or the dark? Who is your favorite member? (My favorite is Mina!) What are you looking for most with this comeback?