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UP10TION Releases Cryptic Teaser

UP10TION has released a cryptic teaser, and many fans have already began decoding it to find the hidden messages. The image was posted with the message "Invitation X Code" and shows a puzzle image with several scattered letters and ten images in a row. The group could be returning with their first full-length album very… Continue reading UP10TION Releases Cryptic Teaser


UP10TION Reveals Comeback Schedule

The boys of UP10TION are making a comeback very soon! They will be kicking off their scheduled releases with cover teasers, followed by filming and MV teasers. The online release of their new album will be on October 12 at 6PM and October 16 for offline release.

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Teen Top’s Niel Drops Teaser for ‘Love Affair 2’

Teen Top member, Niel, will be releasing "Love Affair 2" very soon! A teaser image was released through the group's official SNS accounts with the message "Niel X ?" signalling there may be a collaboration farther down the road. It has now been revealed the collaborating artist will be Justhis, who will be working with… Continue reading Teen Top’s Niel Drops Teaser for ‘Love Affair 2’

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100% Releases ‘Sketch U’ MV Teaser

Boy group 100%┬áhas just revealed their official comeback MV teaser for "Sketch U." "Sketch U" is the title song of the group's upcoming album, "Sketchbook," which has an emotional and artistic theme. They have also unveiled the album tracklist, providing details about each of the 6 tracks. One of the songs is a duet by… Continue reading 100% Releases ‘Sketch U’ MV Teaser

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100% Reveals Comeback Teaser Image

Yet another group is joining the February comeback rush. This time, it's talented boy group 100%! They will be returning to the stage with a new release titled "Sketchbook" on February 22, and their concept image accompanies this artistic theme. 100% recently came back with the powerful vocal track "Better Day" as part of their… Continue reading 100% Reveals Comeback Teaser Image

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Niel Makes Comeback with Emotional ‘Love Affair’ MV

Niel of Teen Top has made his solo comeback with the emotional "Love Affair" MV! "Love Affair" is suited extremely well for Niel, with parts that really make his vocals shine and choreography that accentuates his impressive dance skills. "Love Affair" is the title song of his new album of the same title. Check it… Continue reading Niel Makes Comeback with Emotional ‘Love Affair’ MV

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Niel Drops ‘Love Affair’ Album Preview & MV Teasers

Niel has dropped an album preview and several MV teasers for his solo comeback! The album includes 7 tracks, the title being "Love Affair," which song each showcasing Niel's vocals in various styles. The MV teasers are intense, jam-packed with emotional scenes, dance shots, and impressive sets! Niel is coming back with his 2nd solo… Continue reading Niel Drops ‘Love Affair’ Album Preview & MV Teasers

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Niel Drops Teasers for 2nd Solo Release

Great news for Teen Top fans! Teen Top unveiled a teaser image through their social media account depicting member Niel. Niel will be making a comeback with his 2nd official solo, "Love Affair," on January 16th. He made his official solo debut with "oNIELy" in February 2015 and has since had many individual projects. Specific details… Continue reading Niel Drops Teasers for 2nd Solo Release

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UP10TION Releases ‘White Night’ Dance Practice

The dance practice for UP10TION's "White Night" is out! This is the "Dark Night" version of the dance practice, meaning a different version will be released sometime in the future. As indicated, all ten members are dancing on a set at night, showing off their sharp moves and synchronization. "White Night" is the title song… Continue reading UP10TION Releases ‘White Night’ Dance Practice

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UP10TION Drops Comeback MV for ‘White Night’

UP10TION is back with the MV "White Night," the title track of their 5th mini album, "BURST." The MV storyline revolves around the female lead, I.O.I's Somi, along with UP10TION members Hwanhee and Wooshin. With numerous sets, outfits, cool effects and choreography, and an engaging plot, you don't want to miss out on this! They… Continue reading UP10TION Drops Comeback MV for ‘White Night’