SEVENTEEN Releases Special Choreography Videos

SEVENTEEN has dropped a special surprise for their beloved fans in the form of two choreography videos!

Both videos are refreshing covers of timeless K-pop classics, the first one being Shinhwa‘s “Wild Eyes” and the second being Super Junior‘s “Happiness.” (Songs that only get better as the years pass by!)

What do you think of the choreography videos? Do they bring back priceless memories of Shinhwa and Suju?

Kyuhyun Releases MVs for ‘Still’ & ‘Blah Blah’

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun has made a comeback with not one, but two MVs!

The first song is “Blah Blah” and the second is “Still,” both emotional ballads suited for the autumn season.

Kyuhyun is back with his 3rd mini album, “Waiting, Still,” with songs produced by Yoon Jong Shin and Sung Si Kyung.

He also released “At Gwanghwamun” in 2014 and “Fall, Once Again” in 2015.

Super Junior’s Ryeowook Collaborates with Bada for SM Station

Super Junior vocalist, Ryeowook, has collaborated with solo singer, Bada, for “Cosmic,” released on this week’s SM Station.

News came out that Ryeowook will be enlisting in the military very soon, so this is one of his last releases as an artist before he leaves to serve.

As expected, Bada and Ryeowook‘s beautiful voices create a harmony fitting for the song.

Check it out below, and don’t forget to give Ryeowook your best wishes!

Heechul and Jungmo (M&D) Release “Ulsanbawi”

M&D, comprised of Super Junior’s Heechul and the TRAX’s Jungmo, have taken on the trot genre with their 2nd mini album, “Goody Bag.”

The title song, “Ulsanbawi,” is a traditional trot song about someone who missed their chance to confess their love to a girl.

Both Heechul and Jungmo have participated in the creation of the album, with Heechul tackling songwriting and Jungmo assisting with songwriting and producing.

The pair have held many collaborations in the past and are known for their close friendship throughout their years of being labelmates.

Check out “Ulsanbawi” below!

[Event] Super Junior’s “Super Camp” Changes Cities and Line Up!

Updates on the Super Junior’s “Super Camp” in America are here!

After holding “Super Camp“, a series of fanmeetings all over Asia, it was recently announced by DreamMaker Entertainment that Super Junior will also hold “Super Camp”  all over America. A great opportunity to meet their American fans for their 10th Anniversary.

Unfortunately, “Super Camp” which was supposed to be held in Mexico, Chile and the United States will only happen in Mexico. The Los Angeles, New York and Santiago dates have been removed and cancelled.

The following dates and cities are the ones confirmed by DreamMaker:

  • Monterrey – July 3rd (Sun) 7PM
  • Mexico City – July 5th (Tue) 7PM

The original line up has also changed. Originally composed of Heechul, Yesung, Leetuk, Kangin and Kyuhyun, the line up has now changed to Heechul, Yesung, Leetuk, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun.

Fans think Kangin has been removed from the lineup due to his recent scandal involving his DUI accident last month, putting him in an indefinite hiatus. As for Ryeowook, he was suppose to enlist on June 14, but decided to postone to assist in the “Super Camp“.

Fortunetely, DreamMaker is still promising a lot of funny games, talks and amazing performances!

Stay tuned for more updates on the ticket sales!

Super Junior to hold “Super Camp” Event in the USA, Mexico, and Chile!

Unbelieveable news for all U.S., Mexico, and Chile E.L.F—Super Junior will be bringing their special event, “Super Camp,” to these three countries!

Super Camp originated as Super Junior’s 10th Year Anniversary celebration and took place in various countries in Asia. It takes on the form of a mini concert, with several performances and interactions between the fans and the members. Now that it will be coming to the Americas, thousands of fans are jumping in joy!

Here are the dates and cities:

July 1st (FRI) in Los Angeles
July 3rd (SUN) in Monterrey
July 5th (TUE) in Mexico City
July 7th (THU) in Santiago
July 9th (SAT) in New York City

The event will be organized by Dreammaker, who coordinated EXO’s U.S. Tour earlier this year. More information about the event such as ticket sales and venues, will be announced very soon! Stay tuned!

[Debut] Yesung Debuts With Here Am I!

ELF’s are you ready for an emotional rollercoaster?

On April 18, 2016, Yesung made his solo debut with the song Here I Am.

Yesung, member of Super Junior, made his debut after 11 years of being in the kpop industry. The title track off his album (also named Here I Am) showcases his soft voice in a powerful ballad.

The song was written and composed by Yesung himself  and with his Brother Su. It’s a ballad where you can feel all the emotions in the song. I think the song was really well written, it was above my expectations! It has a spring-like sad feeling to it and the high notes in the song fit his voice so well. I got emotional watching the MV for the first time, so that must mean a lot!

The MV has a cliché storyline. It’s about a guy and a girl who met each other after a breakup and recall the memories from their relationship. Simple storyline, nothing more and nothing less.
I must say Yesung did a great job acting in this video. He also cried in the MV, which really surprised me. We don’t see a crying singer every day, do we?

The album Here I Am contains seven songs:

  1. Here I Am
  2. Spring In Me (feat Dalchong of Cheeze)
  3. Between
  4. We
  5. Your Echo
  6. My Dear
  7. Confession (feat Chanyeol of EXO)

I personally like Confession the most ^^, which one do you prefer?

SM has made a smart url where you can access different music platforms to buy the song! Easy isn’t it? Here’s the link:

Do you like the song? If yes, tell us in the comments! If not, tell me what’s wrong with it and we may start a nice discussion about it! ^^