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GFriend Returns With “Sunny Summer” MV

After they released concept photos, teaser videos and tracklist, GFriend has finally made their long-awaited comeback! GFriend has released their music video, "Sunny Summer", which is the title track from their mini-album, "Sunny Summer"! With their knife-like choreography and upbeat melody, the girls sure do capture the hearts of the audience with their newest MV! If you haven't seen GFriend's newest MV,… Continue reading GFriend Returns With “Sunny Summer” MV

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GFriend are Looking “Sunny Summer” For Their Concept Photos & Album Tracklist

With just days away from their comeback, the bubbly girls of GFriend released a couple of concept photos for their upcoming comeback! As their comeback is titled, "Sunny Summer" the girls sure are the perfect representation for it as they pull off the concept! With GFriend making a comeback with their new mini-album, the tracklist consists of 5 new songs, "Sunny Summer"… Continue reading GFriend are Looking “Sunny Summer” For Their Concept Photos & Album Tracklist

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GFriend Make Fans Swoon Over Teaser Videos for “Sunny Summer”

Making their comeback with another bright and adorable concept, perfect for their group name, the ladies of GFriend are back with their knife-like choreography and wonderful vocals. With new hairstyles (and new hair colors, EEK!!!), GFriend is sure ready to make their summer comeback with a new look! If you haven't seen their 1st and 2nd… Continue reading GFriend Make Fans Swoon Over Teaser Videos for “Sunny Summer”


G-Friend Releases Tracklist for “Sunny Summer” + Teaser Schedule

With G-Friend joining the summer comeback, they have finally released their tracklist for their upcoming mini-album, "Sunny Summer"!  Following their teaser schedule, it looks like tomorrow/ on July 11th KST, we'll be able to see the concept photos! Be sure to check out their teaser schedule below as we will keep updated as well!