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DAY6 Teases for Their 1st Full Album

Since debuting in September 2015, JYP Entertainment's DAY6 will finally be releasing their 1st full album! The 1st Album: SUNRISE will drop on June 7, 2017.  Astonishing teaser images of some of the band members have been released in preparation for their milestone.  Are you excited for their first full album release?

Comebacks, K-Pop, Photoshoots

DAY6’s Sungjin is Ready to “Dance Dance” for May Comeback

Concluding the activities for their April release of "I'm Serious", DAY6 is once again making way for their next monthly single. In preparation of their next comeback, JYP Entertainment released some sweet ethereal photos of DAY6's Sungjin. DAY6 will comeback on May 8 with "Dance Dance", as part of their monthly project for EveryDAY6. Each month, the… Continue reading DAY6’s Sungjin is Ready to “Dance Dance” for May Comeback