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BLACKPINK Drops Comeback Teaser

YG Entertainment surprised BLINKs with an official announcement for BLACKPINK's comeback! The international sensation known as BLACKPINK will be ready to take the world of K-pop by storm on June 22. This will be their newest upcoming album since the release of SQUARE TWO back in November 2016. Who's ready for another hit from BLACKPINK?

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H.U.B Announces 1st US Tour!

New Planet Entertainment's girl group H.U.B has announced their 1st US tour! Brought to you by Kaja Events, the girls of H.U.B will stop by 4 cities from June to July. H.U.B will stop by Miami on June 30, Atlanta on July 1, Minneapolis on July 6, and New Jersey on July 8. In addition, this will… Continue reading H.U.B Announces 1st US Tour!

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Happy 2 Year Anniversary to The Ark!

On April 10, 2015, a group of 5 girls set out to make an impact in the K-pop industry---strong and fierce in everything they did, they easily impressed fans with their cool aura. From doing dance covers of EXO's "Call Me Baby" and BTS' "Boy in Luv" to covering popular songs, they gained attention for their… Continue reading Happy 2 Year Anniversary to The Ark!

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Dreamcatcher Are Stunningly Fierce In “Good Night” MV

Formerly known as Minx, this girl group is definitely one to watch out for. Taking on a unique concept, the group displays a fierce and cool aura in their comeback for "Good Night". Built on a fresh image unlike before, Dreamcatcher show more of their chic personality in their recently released music video for "Good Night".… Continue reading Dreamcatcher Are Stunningly Fierce In “Good Night” MV