Jeong Sewoon to Release Second Part of 1st Mini Album

Jeong Sewoon will be releasing the second part of his first mini album, “After,” later this month on January 24.

In addition to a pair of concept photos, Sewoon has unveiled a series of “photo puzzle” teaser videos for “After.”

The first part of his mini album, titled “Ever,” was released on August 31 and was his debut after a successful run on “Produce 101” and several pre-release projects.



MONSTA X Drops ‘The Code’ Album Preview

MONSTA X has unveiled an official preview of their 5th mini album!

The group is returning with “The Code,” a 7-track album consisting of songs such as the title song, “Dramarama,” and “From Zero,” a song created by member Wonho that was performed during their recent world tour. 

The album and MV is slated for a release on November 7.

Are you ready?

MONSTA X Unveils Intense Teaser Photos

MONSTA X has not wasted time with their comeback teasers and has revealed an intense batch of photos.

They have completed the individual member set and have begun revealing both group and solo shots.

One of the images depicts two members seated with swords at their sides and another member standing above them, creating a dramatic effect.

The group will release their 5th mini album, “The Code,” on November 7.

MONSTA X Reveals Teasers for Wonho & Minhyuk

The next members of MONSTA X to feature in teasers for “Dramarama” are Wonho and Minhyuk!

They previously revealed images for Jooheon, Shownu, and Kihyun, which leaves only I.M and Hyungwon left. 

The group is returning with their 5th mini album, “The Code,” on November 7.

MONSTA X Unveils Teasers for Shownu & Jooheon and Details for Upcoming Album

MONSTA X has posted the concept photos for members Shownu and Jooheon and have also released a detailed guide to their new album.

Their 5th mini album, “The Code,” will have two different versions, the first being “Protocol Terminal,” and the other “De:Code.”

Each album comes with an array of items, such as scene photos, a random photocard (from a total assortment of 56 versions), a poster, and a sticker.

The group is releasing “The Code” on November 7.

MONSTA X’s Kihyun is Gorgeous in Latest Comeback Teaser

MONSTA X‘s Kihyun is gorgeous in the group’s latest comeback teasers!

He is the first of seven members to have their individual photos posted, leaving only six more to go.

Along with the reveal of his image is the wordDramarama.”

MONSTA X is coming back on November 7 with a new album and have recently wrapped up their MV filming.

MONSTA X Drops Long-Anticipated Comeback Schedule

MONSTA X has released a detailed comeback schedule on their official sites for their upcoming album.

Beginning on October 17, they will reveal “Pieces of Protocol Terminal” and individual photos on October 23.

Following individual photos and protocol terminal scenes are a tracklist, MV teaser, album preview, and comeback spoiler and concert.

They will be releasing “Protocol Terminal” on November 7.