Seohyun Makes Stunning Solo Debut with ‘Don’t Say No’

The wait is officially over for Seohyun‘s solo debut!

Sure enough, this queen doesn’t disappoint. “Don’t Say No” is a catchy, pop R&B song that does well to showcase the dynamics of Seohyun‘s voice.

On the other hand, the MV is also amazing, with stunning costumes and sets, along with aesthetically-pleasing colors that suit the theme of the song.

“Don’t Say No” is the title track of her first 7-track solo album of the same name. Seohyun participated in the creation of the 6 other songs on the album, so make sure to check it out!


Miss A’s Suzy is Stunning in Solo Debut Teasers

Miss A‘s Suzy is finally making a solo debut!

Three short teaser clips were uploaded onto JYP Entertainment’s official YouTube channel with the title “Yes? No?

The clips are edited with a colorful pink tint, accentuating her radiating beauty.

The “priority” release is on January 17th, with the “formal” release on January 24th.

Stay tuned for more info!

I.O.I’s Chungha To Make Solo Debut Next Year

I.O.I‘s Chungha will be making an official solo debut sometime next year!

She will debut as a solo artist under her label, M&H Entertainment, reportedly within the first half of 2017.

Many fans expressed both surprise and excitement over the news, anticipating seeing Chungha on the stage as an independent artist.

I.O.I is an 11-member girl group formed after the show “Produce 101” and released numerous songs together as a whole.

However, after their final concert in January, the group will disband and members will return to their respective agencies and groups (Chaeyeon with DIA, Mina and Sejeong with Gugudan, and Yeonjung with WJSN).

We wish all the love and support for I.O.I and Chungha in their current and future careers!

LAY Reveals Artistic MV for ‘Lose Control’

LAY has revealed the artistic MV for his solo debut with “Lose Control.”

Not only does LAY sing and dance in the artistic MV, but there is even a scene with him shirtless towards the end!

“Lose Control” is the title track of his first solo album of the same name.

The album is composed of 6 self-composed tracks and includes translations of the lyrics in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese written by LAY himself.

Former 4Minute Member Jiyoon Teases for her Upcoming Solo Debut!

Looks like former 4Minute member Jiyoon is ready to debut solo!

A few days ago, singer/rapper Jiyoon‘s new agency, JS E&M, released on their official SNS accounts, the teaser picture announcing her long awaited solo debut. Since the disbanding of girl group 4Minute and her departure from CUBE Entertainment, it was rumored and later confirmed that Jiyoon was preparing for her solo debut with self-composed songs and an entirely new genre. It is something fans have never seen from her before.

Well, according to the teaser picture and the agency, Jiyoon will debut on the 2nd of November 2016 KST with the single album “Day & Night“. It will be composed of two self composed tracks, meaning produced and written by Jiyoon herself, entitled “I’ll Do” and “Magnet“.

Check out the teaser picture below:


Are you excited for Jiyoon’s solo debut? Make sure to stay tuned for more updates and teasers!

LAY Drops Teaser for ‘Lose Control’ MV

The teaser for LAY‘s solo debut is out!

LAY will be making his solo debut with his first mini album, “Lose Control,” with a title track of the same name.

The MV features numerous sets, with a black and white one, along with a long hallway and moonlight scene.

Lose Control” consists of 6 self-made Chinese tracks and will be released on October 28th along with the MV!

EXO’s LAY Reveals ‘Lose Control’ Album Cover

The cover for LAY‘s first solo album has been revealed!

LAY‘s studio in China released the cover for the album, which showcases his profile view in black and white and sets up a serious yet composed mood.

The album will consist of 6 self-made, Chinese tracks, and will be LAY‘s first official album.

It will be released on October 28th in both Korea and China, with preorders currently setting records.