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SNUPER Reveals Ethereal Concept Photos for Special Edition

SNUPER has announced their comeback with a special edition album, "." In preparation for their comeback, SNUPER has unveiled an official comeback schedule with a cute and lighthearted theme. There is a squiggly frame, along with colorful block letters of different styles (bold, italicized, stylized, cursive, etc.) spread throughout the image that spell out "SNUPER."… Continue reading SNUPER Reveals Ethereal Concept Photos for Special Edition

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SNUPER Unveils Refreshing Comeback Concept Photos

SNUPER has unveiled a set of light and refreshing concept photos for their upcoming album, "The Star of Stars." The members embrace the lighthearted feeling of summer in their soft and colorful comeback concept images. "The Star of Stars" is their 4th mini album repackage and will be released on July 20.

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SNUPER Returns With ‘It’s Raining’ MV

Boy group SNUPER is back with the MV for "It's Raining!" The song revolves around a man who is coping with the emotional aftermath of a breakup. The beautiful vocals and overall track show SNUPER's versatility with genres and a new, mature concept and musical sound. "It's Raining" is the title song of their newest… Continue reading SNUPER Returns With ‘It’s Raining’ MV

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SNUPER Says ‘It’s Raining’ in MV Teaser

Boy group SNUPER is coming back with a new track named "It's Raining!" "It's Raining" gives of a funky, dance vibe, opposed to the overall dark effects on the MV teaser. We even get a brief glimpse into the choreography for the song! "It's Raining" will be released on November 15th, along with the rest… Continue reading SNUPER Says ‘It’s Raining’ in MV Teaser

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[Debut] Snuper releases two MV teasers

Last month, WIDMAY Entertainment debuted their new male group as they released images with their names, ages, weights, heights, blood types and positions in the group. Some members might look familiar as some already played in movies and dramas. You can find all the information about the members of the upcoming group here and here. The… Continue reading [Debut] Snuper releases two MV teasers


Snuper’s last two members revealed!

Enough with the stripteasing, WIDMAY Entertainment had finally revealed the last two members of the upcoming boy group Snuper! The members completing the spotlight for the group are the 1994-er Woosung and 1995-er Sangho! Looking at their photos, we can't really deny their good looks; plus their wet hair makes them just that much hotter.… Continue reading Snuper’s last two members revealed!

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Let’s Get to Know ‘Snuper’!

Series of debuts from different boy bands have been witnessed this year with major entertainment support. This just shows that the much anticipated Idol boy group's new generation has started! With that, let's get to know the newest member of the latest Kpop boy group, Snuper! WIDMAY Entertainment had been teasing us this past few… Continue reading Let’s Get to Know ‘Snuper’!