BoA Still Reigns With 1 Shot, 2 Shot

We rarely see anything from BoA, but when she comes back, she makes sure we have something memorable; And this comeback definitely is!

BoA keeps being the elegant, fresh dancer that breathes talent through her pores, and has shown us many times why she is considered the Queenof Kpop by many.

This video has powerful choreography where she is the focus, a catchy song, and her beautiful smile lighting the screen!

Go check out the video for yourself here.


EXO Releases Dope MVs for “LOTTO”

EXO is back with two music videos for “Lotto”!

On the 18th of August 2016 at 12AM KST, SM Entertainment released EXO‘s repackage album, “LOTTO“. The repackage album is composed of 9 songs from the boys third album “EX’ACT“, along with 4 new additional songs, including the title track “Lotto“, “Can’t Bring Me Down“, “She’s Dreaming” and “Monster” (Remix). A few hours later, at 10AM KST, the agency dropped on their official YouTube channel the Korean and Chinese music videos for the title track “Lotto“.

Lotto” is said to be a hip hop song with a heavy beat that compares the meeting of someone’s destined love to winning the lottery. The music videos are dark and mysterious with a lot of action and different scenes. The dance breaks are awesome and I can’t wait to see the full dance on stage. Although there’s a lot of auto tune, which for some of you might be a problem, the song is great and super addictive. It’s different from what EXO normally does. It’s worth watching and listening! Go support our boys~

Check out the Korean and Chinese music video for “Lotto” below:

What do you think of EXO’s comeback? Do you like it?