Seohyun Makes Stunning Solo Debut with ‘Don’t Say No’

The wait is officially over for Seohyun‘s solo debut!

Sure enough, this queen doesn’t disappoint. “Don’t Say No” is a catchy, pop R&B song that does well to showcase the dynamics of Seohyun‘s voice.

On the other hand, the MV is also amazing, with stunning costumes and sets, along with aesthetically-pleasing colors that suit the theme of the song.

“Don’t Say No” is the title track of her first 7-track solo album of the same name. Seohyun participated in the creation of the 6 other songs on the album, so make sure to check it out!

NCT 127 is ‘Limitless’ in Double Comeback MVs

Boy group NCT 127 is back with double MVs for their title track, “Limitless!”

The two different versions are the rough version, along with the performance version. The rough version is a mash between the choreography and different sets and outfits, whereas the performance version is a dance version of the MV.

“Limitless” is a part of the group’s 2nd mini album, “NCT 127 Limitless.”

NCT 127 is a subunit of group NCT from SM Entertainment. They debuted in 2016 with “Firetruck” and have since added two additional members, Doyoung and Johnny.

Which version do you like better?

NCT 127 Drops Winwin & Jaehyun’s Concept Photos

The concept photos for NCT 127 members Winwin and Jaehyun have been released!

The members sport new hairstyles and looks in their teaser images and videos.

These were released as part of NCT 127‘s comeback with their 2nd mini album, “NCT 127 Limitless,” which will have two MVs.

Time is ticking, and we’re getting closer and closer to the group’s official comeback on January 5th.

Are you ready?

NCT 127 Drops Teasers for Yuta & Taeil

NCT 127 has unveiled more comeback teasers, this time for member Yuta and Taeil!

These images and teasers were uploaded as a part of NCT 127‘s comeback with “NCT 127 Limitless,” the group’s 2nd mini album.

The album will consist of 6 tracks, with the title song being an addictive, urban R&B song called “Limitless.” There will also be two different MVs.

The now 9-member group (with the addition of Doyoung and Johnny) is coming back on January 5th!

Are you ready?

NCT 127 Drops Teasers for Doyoung

NCT 127 has released the next batch of comeback teasers, and that happens to be for Doyoung!

Like the previous releases, there are three official photos, along with a batch of behind-the-scenes on their Instagram page.

NCT 127 is coming back with their 2nd mini album, “NCT 127 Limitless,” on January 6th.

Doyoung is one of two members, the second being Johnny, who is joining NCT 127 for this comeback. He previously debuted with NCT under the unit NCT U.

NCT 127 Drops ‘Limitless’ Teasers for Taeyong

NCT 127 has unveiled comeback teasers for member Taeyong!

The comeback teasers consist of three official concept photos and two MV teasers starring Taeyong.

Many images were also posted on NCT‘s official Instagram page, showing more behind-the-scenes from their MV and photoshoot set.

The group also previously released photos and video snippets for members Haechan and Mark, which you can view here.

NCT 127 is releasing their 2nd mini album, “Limitless,” on January 4th.

This comeback will feature the original NCT 127 members, along with additional members Doyoung (NCT U) and Johnny.

NCT 127 Drops Comeback Teasers for Haechan & Mark

NCT 127 is making a swift comeback early next month with “Limitless.”

The group has dropped official concept images and two video teasers each for members Haechan and Mark.

The members sport new hairstyles and appearances, however there is a still a hard-hitting, powerful concept, much like their debut with “Firetruck.”

Aside from their official SNS accounts, additional polaroid-styled were released through Instagram, capturing the members’ candid and spontaneous moments.

They are officially returning on January 9th with their 6-track mini album and a hot, new MV for title track, “Limitless!”

The group is also adding two new members: Doyoung, who previously debuted in NCT U, and Johnny, who has yet to make his debut.