Gugudan to Release 1st Single Album, ‘Chococo Factory’

Gugudan is making a comeback with their third act and first single album, “Chococo Factory.”

They are joining many other groups in the jam-packed lineup for November comebacks with the album release slated for November 8 at 6PM.

The group recently released their second act, “Narcissus,” with title song “A Girl Like Me” and also debuted their very first subunit comprised of Mina and Hyeyeon, Gugudan OguOgu, with “Ice Chu.”


Block B’s P.O Releases Solo Track ‘Men’z Night’

Block B‘s P.O has released his first solo single, “Men’z Night,” featuring artist Chancellor!

The maknae of Block B has finally made his long-anticipated solo debut, following in the tracks of his fellow group mates, who have also released tracks under their own names.

“Men’z Night” is a fun, upbeat, and groovy song that’s bound to get stuck in your head after just one listen.

Check it out!

B.A.P Reveals Additional Set of Comeback Teasers

B.A.P has revealed an additional set of comeback teasers for their upcoming album, “BLUE.”

This batch features members Jongup, Zelo, and Daehyun, who follow the release of Yongguk, Himchan, and Youngjae from the previous day.

The group is returning with their 7th single album, “BLUE,” on September 5.


B.A.P Reveals First Batch of Comeback Teaser Photos

B.A.P has revealed their first batch of comeback teasers for their new release, “Blue.”

The first batch includes images for members Youngjae, Himchan, and Yongguk.

The group is returning for the first time since the release of their album, “ROSE,” with the meaningful title song “Wake Me Up.”

“Blue” is the group’s 7th single album and will be released on September 5.


IKON Confirms Comeback Date & Unveils Comeback Teaser Film “New Kids: Begin”

Get ready IKONICs! IKON is coming back!

A few days ago, YG Entertainment confirmed on their official social media accounts, the comeback of the company’s latest boy group, IKON. This comeback will be IKON‘s first comeback of the year as well as their first comeback since the digital single “#WYD” released back in May 2016.

According to the first teaser poster posted, the boys will comeback on the 22nd of May 2017 at 6PM with a single album to be entitled “New Kids: Begin.” The album will be released in two versions with different booklet images: Dope version and Bold version.

In addition, a teaser film was released showcasing video cuts of the boys accompanied by loud dance music. Moreover, YGE‘s CEO announced that this comeback is IKON‘s best comeback song yet.

Check out the teaser film below:

You can check out the single album’s different jacket version pictures below:

Are you excited for IKON’s comeback? Stay tuned for more updates!


KNK Announces 2nd Single Album “Gravity” with Promotion Plan Poster

KNK is coming back!

YNB Entertainment‘s 2016 rookie group, KNK, has announced their first comeback of the year with their 2nd single album to be entitled “Gravity.” The comeback is set to happen on May 12th 2017 at 12pm.

To kick off the teasers, the boys released a day ago on their social media accounts, a short promotion plan poster announcing dates for teasers such as concept photos, the tracklist, the music video teaser and a highlight medley.

You can check out the promotion plan poster with all the dates and teasers below:

Stay tuned for more updates! Are you excited for KNK’s comeback?


B.A.P Drops Concept Photos for ‘ROSE’

The full set of concept photos for “ROSE” is finally here!

TS Entertainment revealed a stunning array of teaser photos for each B.A.P member in light of their upcoming release, “ROSE.”

ROSE” will be the group’s 6th single album, and member and leader, Yongguk, is returning to the stage for this round of promotions.

He was previously on hiatus to take care of his health, but his agency clarified he is ready to perform on stage with the rest of the group.

ROSE” is out on March 7, so hang in until then!