SEVENTEEN Releases Special Choreography Videos

SEVENTEEN has dropped a special surprise for their beloved fans in the form of two choreography videos!

Both videos are refreshing covers of timeless K-pop classics, the first one being Shinhwa‘s “Wild Eyes” and the second being Super Junior‘s “Happiness.” (Songs that only get better as the years pass by!)

What do you think of the choreography videos? Do they bring back priceless memories of Shinhwa and Suju?


Shinhwa Releases MV for ‘Orange’

Senior group Shinhwa is back with the MV for “Orange!”

The six members, who have been together for many years, are all smiles as they record in the studio together.

The energy of the song and MV are contagious and bound to put a smile on your face, especially if you’re a fan of theirs!

“Orange” was released as part of Shinhwa‘s “Unchanging” album, which will be released in two parts. The second part will be released in January 2017.

Shinhwa Releases Upcoming Comeback Information

Guess who’s coming back?!

A few days ago, the legendary and longest running boy group, Shinhwa, announced on their official SNS accounts, started teasing for their upcoming 13th full length album. The boys have already released the comeback schedule, group teaser picture and a pre-release track.

According to the comeback schedule, the 13th studio album entitled “Unchanging” will be released in two parts. The first part will be released on the 29th of November 2016 KST, while the second part will be released on the 3rd of January 2016 KST. A pre-release track entitled “She Said” was released today, the 22nd of October 2016 KST at 00AM.

Check out the comeback schedule and pre-release track below:


As for the group teaser picture, the boys look flawless sitting in front of a window and wearing ripped jeans and white t-shirts.

Check out the teaser picture below:


Are you excited for Shinhwa’s comeback? Stay tuned for more teasers and updates!

Shinhwa to Have Comeback With Their 13th Album!

Legendary boy group Shinhwa, are currently preparing for their end-of-the-year comeback with their 13th Album!

That’s right―the group is releasing their thirteenth album together since their debut, solidifying their status as the longest running idol group in the Korean entertainment industry.

The group debuted in March of 1998 and have stuck together ever since. This is their 18th year together, far surpassing the timeline of other groups.

Recently the group has been involved in solo activities, from dramas to solo albums. Their last comeback as Shinhwa was with “We” in 2015, with title song “Sniper.”

Members Eric and Hyesung have reportedly hinted at the comeback in recent interviews, so we can expect to see another great release from them soon!

2015 Return of the Kpop Legends

As you know, recently Turbo made their comeback. Many netizens are eager to see if H.O.T seckchies will also comeback or reunite. We are going to take a look at some Kpop legends that have shocked us this year with their comebacks and shocked fans with their never ending energy.


images (5)

Turbo is the famous “Running man” team that shocked fans with their recent comeback. They are very well known for their song Twist .



Shinhwa is made up of six members: Heysung, Eric, Andy, Minwoo, JunJin and Dongwan. They also created Shinhwa company, which they own. Recently they came back with “Sniper“, shocking fans with their young looks and amazing music. They showed us how they can still keep up!


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They are the Hip Hop group of YG Entertainment and forever golden. They came back earlier this year with the song “Tell me“, where they showed off their goofy and cheesy dances.


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JYP Entertainment’s most famous softies that are truly known for melting your heart; Especially lead vocal Kim Tae Woo. They released in the beginning of the year the song “Saturday night“, showing us how they still have that groovy funky sound. They also came back with a sentimental song called, “It’s Funny But Sad

What legends do you want to come back this 2016?