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[MV Review] PSY is being called “Daddy” in his newest MV PSY is back with two new MV's! This one is called Daddy and has CL from 2NE1 featured in it! Psy (Real name Park Jae-sang 박재상) is a Korean singer born in Gangnam. He joined the YG company in 2010 and his first and biggest hit single is called Gangnam Style. You've probably heard… Continue reading [MV Review] PSY is being called “Daddy” in his newest MV

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[Fashion] Idols posing for magazines

Many idols have been posing for big Korean magazines recently! Check out the pictures out below cause that's always a good way to have good pictures on your phone or PC of your favorite idols. Lee Jong Suk for Marie Claire magazine The actor Lee Jong Suk posed in the street of Paris for the December's… Continue reading [Fashion] Idols posing for magazines