Get Blown Away By DAY6’s New Song “All Alone”

DAY6 are back at it again with another wonderful comeback for EveryDAY6 November! This month’s title track is “All Alone”, which explores the unrequited emotions that may have built up in one’s heart. 

“All Alone” is a track that highlights the sweet harmonies of the members, clinging to your heart with their synergetic melodies. In the music video, each of them look back to the past and softly sing about in the end, being “all alone”. 

The track is definitely a different take compared to their previous songs. “All Alone” focuses on their soothing voices and features new instruments played by the members. 

To listen to DAY6’s new single EveryDAY6 November, check them out on iTunes or Apple Music


DAY6 Makes a Sweet Return with “Hi Hello”

MyDays, DAY6 is back once again with their monthly release! For the month of July, DAY6 makes a sweet comeback with their blissful song “Hi Hello”.

In the music video, each member is stuck in the middle of nowhere, trekking their way until DAY6 leader Sungjin picks them up. Eventually, each member joins him on a road trip, making memories together.

In addition to this fine track, “Be Lazy” is also featured on this month’s single EveryDay6 July.

Check Out The Secret KARD Ver. of “Rumor”!

K.A.R.D has done it again! They went ahead and dropped a surprise for their fans with the Secret KARD version of “Rumor”. The special music video shows the members performing their most recent single “Rumor” on the Californian beach.

They surely made the beach their own stage! What a neat performance!

DAY6 Releases Stunning MV Teaser for “I Smile” 

June 7th is soon approaching for DAY6 and the fans! Right before making their appearance on After School Club, DAY6 geared up for releasing a stunning teaser for their upcoming track “I Smile”.

In the music video teaser, the members happily suited up for a performance at the event they’re attending to. However, upon meeting eyes between Sungjin and a girl attending the party, you can already feel the tension. From the music video teaser alone, one can be guaranteed for a ride that will tug at your heart.


The last teaser image was also revealed today to complete the collection for “I Smile”.

DAY6 will make their comeback on June 7 at 12 PM (KST) with the title track “I Smile”, releasing their 1st full length album SUNRISE.

DAY6 Drops “DANCE DANCE” MV + Exciting News!

At noon (KST), DAY6 made their monthly comeback with “DANCE DANCE” for their year-long project Every Day6. Focusing on their activities in the studio, fans are able to get a glimpse at the music making that happens behind the scenes.

The single Every Day6 May features the title track “DANCE DANCE”, along with “Man in a movie”. “DANCE DANCE” is a “song that tells you to play like no tomorrow”.

Following the release of their single, JYP made an announcement on his Instagram account that this single is only the beginning—DAY6 will release their 1st full album in June, including “DANCE DANCE” as one of the songs.

Are you excited for their 1st full album release in June?

DAY6 Hang In the Studio in “Dance Dance” Teaser

For DAY6 fans, May 8 is just around the corner! DAY6 teased us with another release of a teaser for their upcoming comeback “Dance Dance”.

In the music video teaser, fans get a glimpse at DAY6 working hard like any other day in the studio, having fun and writing music together. The teaser of the song “Dance Dance” evokes an upbeat feeling, following the excitement from their recent release “I’m Serious”.

Group photos of the band were also revealed for the comeback.

DAY6 will make their comeback on May 8 with “Dance Dance” for their monthly single Every Day6.

DAY6’s Wonpil Gets Dreamy in Teasers

DAY6’s comeback is fast approaching—and these teasers are becoming something fans can’t handle! Photos of DAY6‘s Wonpil have been dropped, showing off his well-known cute charms. Take a look!

DAY6 will make their comeback on May 8 with “Dance Dance” for their next single Every Day6 May.